World Premiere: Efficient Energy Presents New Generation of Its eChiller Refrigeration Systems Based on InterCooler Technology

Feldkirchen, 27. September 2022
Efficient Energy, the German cleantech manufacturer of sustainable refrigeration technology, will be presenting latest generation of chillers that use water (R718) as a refrigerant at Chillventa, the leading trade fair for refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation from 11-13 October 2022 in Nuremberg. Thanks to advances in its Bluezero® technology, the new eChillerIC product series is capable of providing climate-friendly cooling for machines, processes, data centres and buildings at outdoor temperatures of up to 50 °C – using 100% water as a refrigerant.

Further Development of Bluezero®Technology Opens up New Fields of Application

The innovation centres on a greatly optimised compression process of the Bluezero® technology which significantly increases the overall compression ratio of the new systems. In this way, the climate-neutral refrigeration machines achieve even greater refrigeration efficiency at outdoor temperatures of up to 50 °C.

The refrigeration industry continues to rely on inefficient refrigerants that harm the climate in two respects: firstly through their high power consumption, and secondly through the climatically harmful, fluorinated greenhouse gases that continue to be used.

“Against the background of rising energy costs and more stringent regulatory requirements worldwide, clean, safe and energy-efficient refrigeration systems are now playing an ever-more important role,” says Georg Dietrich, CEO of Efficient Energy. “With our Bluezero® technology, we’ve made the refrigerant water a new standard, thereby helping our customers contribute actively towards climate-neutral industry. As a clean cooling pioneer, our current technology leap lets us offer water globally as a climate-neutral refrigerant. While some still rely on climatically harmful refrigerants, we offer our customers proven, truly climate-neutral and energy-efficient solutions.”

eChiller45IC – The First InterCooler of Its Type

Visitors to Chillventa will encounter the powerful Bluezero® technology in the newly designed eChiller45IC for the first time. With a cooling capacity of 24 – 40 kW at chilled water temperatures of between 12 °C and 20 °C, the eChiller45IC impresses with its improved energy efficiency through fully adjustable, optimised operating modes, including a free cooling mode.

“While we’ve already made a mark with our first-generation of high-performance, energy efficient eChillers – especially in the DACH region – we will increasingly be positioning ourselves internationally with the eChiller45IC units,” adds Thomas Bartmann, Director Sales and Member of the Executive Board at Efficient Energy. “Thanks to the great performance at higher outdoor temperatures and optimised energy efficiency, we can offer energy consultants, refrigeration professionals and operators a chiller that is robust in industrial environments. The benefits of the eChiller45IC series will impress our customers around the globe.”

The Most Sustainable Chillers Worldwide

Efficient Energy has been producing its entire eChiller product range as climate-neutral chillers since 2022. The cleantech company is the world’s only supplier of climate neutral chillers, enabling its customers to take further decisive steps towards climate-neutral industry. By combining water as a refrigerant with green electricity, operators achieve fully climate-neutral refrigeration, letting them reduce their carbon footprints for chilling to zero.

The eChiller already meets the required energy efficiency criteria of the “Blue Angel” with regard to environmentally friendly and sustainable cooling of data centres for 2027.

The Revolutionary Refrigerant Water

Efficient Energy uses Bluezero® technology in its eChiller product range, allowing water to be used as a climate-neutral refrigerant and dispensing entirely with environmentally harmful F-gases. The technology is ideal for cooling data centres and server rooms, industrial processes, machinery and in building air conditioning.

Efficient Energy will be presenting its new Bluezero® technology at Chillventa in Hall 7A, Stand 520.