Water as a refrigerant in the new technology film by the VDI Centre for Resource Efficiency.

On behalf of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety of the Federal Republic of Germany, the VDI Centre for Resource Efficiency produced an edition on Efficient Energy’s BluezeroⒸ technology as part of its film series on resource conservation in German industry.

The aim of the film series is to show the potential in industry to save resources and which technologies already exist to exploit this potential. The technologies shown range from artificial intelligence, which optimises the recycling of plastics, to bionic arch structures, for which nature is used as a model for resource efficiency.

Wasser als Kältemittel im neuen Technologiefilm des VDI ZRE


At the end of February, the film on cooling with water as a refrigerant was also published on VDI ZRE’s YouTube channel. It shows how Efficient Energy’s BluezeroⒸ technology helps reduce CO2 emissions from industrial operations – directly, by eliminating refrigerants with global warming potential, and indirectly, through efficient operation that saves electrical energy.

The refrigeration industry already produces around 8% of global greenhouse gases – and the trend is rising. Rising temperatures worldwide are increasing the demand for cooling. The refrigeration technologies currently in use are once again fuelling climate change and this vicious circle must be broken.
Natural refrigerants such as water, CO2, propane, ammonia and air are sustainable and climate-friendly alternatives.

In the latest edition of the VDI film series, the viewer learns vividly:

  • Why conventional and mostly energy-intensive refrigeration technologies with HFCs currently in use have a negative impact on the climate.
  • Why water as a refrigerant is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative
  • How Efficient Energy’s eChiller refrigeration machines work with water as a refrigerant
  • The use of this natural refrigerant for cooling a data centre at Sparkassen IT Calw and for cooling plastic processing machines at Gebrüder Schwarz in Rottweil.

Have fun watching!


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