TV Documentary shooted about our eChiller

The team filmed mainly in our production facilities, but also a short interview with our CEO Jürgen Süss has been part of the session.

The material will be used for a contribution to the ZDF documentary series „planet e.“
The overall topic will be the relevance of air conditioning and cooling for our climate. Many of the current refrigerants do have a huge CO2 equivalent and are therefore extremely damaging. This is often unknown or underestimated.

The series deals with topics around climate and nature. It shows global trends, sustainable lifestyle and innovative solutions for questions around environmental protection

Our eChiller technology makes a difference – as it chills with pure water (R718) as a refrigerant! We are a forerunner in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency in the cooling industry.

Yet, we are not going to disclose any further details – watch out for the broadcasting in december – around the next UN climate conference in Chile.

Read more about planet e.