Tree planting campaign 2022 at Spitzingsee

On the afternoon of Wednesday, July 13th, our cooperation partner ClimatePartner once again invited us to the annual tree planting event at Spitzingsee. As a climate-neutral company, we naturally pledged our support for the regional reforestation project and would like to thank our colleagues Roman Herasymenko from Corporate Development and our Climate Protection Officer Peter Jauch for their commitment.

Efficient Energy employees Peter Jauch and Roman Herasymenko

Peter Jauch and Roman Herasymenko planting young trees

Efficient Energy plants trees

A group of representatives from other environmentally conscious companies joined our colleagues Roman and Peter at the Lyraweg parking lot in Schliersee on that Wednesday afternoon. Everyone had sturdy shoes and weather-proof clothing in their gear, because climate protection measures are also taken in rainy weather – but there was no reason to worry since the weather was wonderful. From the parking lot, it was about a 10 minute walk along a footpath to the planting area. Here, Frank Fraunhofer from ClimatePartner provided information about the planting process, its background and the procedure. The workload to be handled per person was 10 trees. After that, everyone grabbed a spade, gloves and little containers with the young trees, small conifer seedlings. After the work was done, all participants gathered for a group photo and a get2gether. The last picture in our small gallery shows only smiling faces – an overall successful, collective action for climate protection.

Why do we plant trees?

Our domestic forests are also suffering from the effects of climate change. There is an increase in forest fires, pests are spreading and shallow-rooted trees such as spruce are suffering especially from the drought and heat. In order to better prepare our forests for climate change, reforestation and conversion to mixed forests is taking place as part of the tree planting campaign. Tree species such as the silver fir planted as part of the campaign survive drought comparatively well and do not fail even in higher temperatures. Since regional projects are not suitable for offsetting emissions, additional compensation was provided by a certified forest conservation project in Brazil.

Wood at Spitzingsee

Regional reforestation project at Spitzingsee

How did this come about?

As a company, Efficient Energy has already been climate-neutral since 2020. In addition to offsetting our corporate emissions and implementing measures to reduce our carbon footprint, we also participate in campaigns that raise awareness of the climate crisis in society. This was also the case from 19-25 April 2021 as part of the “Time for Climate Action” campaign of Leaders for Climate Action. Under the motto “Sweat with us for the Climate” Efficient Energy called on employees, customers, suppliers and partner companies to take part in sporting activities for the climate. The kilometres cycled and run were converted into tonnes of CO2 at the end of the campaign week and a climate protection coupling project was supported. In the fall of 2021, CEO Georg Dietrich of Efficient Energy already planted numerous trees himself to combat climate change. Continuing this tradition is a matter close to his heart: “We produce chillers with the climate-neutral refrigerant water and it is important to us to live climate protection and sustainability in all fields.”