Master / Slave Control

Operating more than one eChiller in the same hydronic cooling system, it is recommended to use a master / slave control which activates the individual eChillers depending on the required refrigeration capacity. The master / slave control is based on the standard control, which means that no additional control unit is required to implement the cooling and chilled water loop peripheral control of the eChillers.

Further advantages of the master / slave control are that only the required number of eChillers is activated when operating in part load and that a balanced utilization with even operating hours is guaranteed.

The master / slave control offers the following additional functions:

  • Connection of master and slave eChiller via MODBUS TCP
  • Visualization of the most important machine data of the eChiller system
  • Independent connecting and disconnecting of individual eChillers depending on the refrigeration load and / or flow temperatures
  • Sequential switching of eChillers depending on availability and operating hours
  • Immediate activation of another eChiller in the event of a malfunction of an eChiller in operation
  • Adjustable minimum and maximum number of eChillers in operation
  • Control of the chilled-water-side flaps or control elements for maximum energy efficiency when switching individual eChillers on and off
  • Cyclic activation and deactivation of individual eChillers for equal hourly operating distribution