Hydronic pump module

Hydronic pump module

The hydronic pump module is the perfect link between one or more eChillers and the hydraulic system of your application.

The module is designed for operation with water and water/glycol mixtures and is supplied as standard with the connections for a buffer tank, which is optionally available.
In a non-buffered operation, the pump hydraulic module is supplied with two circulating pumps, and a third circulating pump is used when operating with a buffer tank. This makes it possible to realize different volume flows on the primary and secondary side.

Technical features:

  • Two circulation pumps controlled by a frequency converter (three, if a buffer is used)
  • Electrically controlled 3-way valve to protect the cooling water circuit from frost
  • Immersion sleeves for temperature sensors (D = 6 mm)
  • Insulated piping made of PP
  • Machine side connection: 2 x Rp2″
  • Connection consumer side:
    • Chilled water: 4 x lap joint flange DN50
    • Cooling water: 2 x lap joint flange DN65
  • Operating pressure: 6 bar


  • Piping with a diffusion-tight design
  • Operating pressure: 10 bar
  • Temperature sensors
  • buffer tank (external)
  • pump configuration

Dimensions and weights:

Height mm 1.785
Width mm 1.400
Depth mm 730
Required space m2 1
Operating weight* kg 205-270 kg
Net weight* kg 195-250 kg
Shipping weight* kg max. 270 kg

*depending on the installed pumps