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The eChiller series stands for sustainable and climate-friendly cooling with the safety refrigerant water (R718).
Not only is the eChiller available in different cooling capacities, additional products and services such us the main-assist control or the monitoting package round off our portfolio. Additionally, we offer the innovative Bluezero® technology, that is the heart of our eChillers, standalone for integration in OEM products like AHUs.

Ideal Applications are data center cooling and process cooling in the manufacturing industry, especially rubber and plastics.

Overview eChiller Products



The optimal cooling capacity lies in a range from 16 °C to 22 °C, but outlet temperatures of between 10 °C to 28 °C are also possible – a spectrum that traditional chillers are only partially capable of covering.

The eChiller35/45 is available in four designs, with a nominal cooling capacity range of 20 kW to 60 kW, depending on the configuration of the chilled water outlet temperature, the compressor and the cooling water inlet temperature.

Total capacity can be scaled to over 300 kW by combining several systems.

The cooling water inlet temperature is defined as up to 40 °C depending on the chilled water set point.

Standard equipment

  • Centrifugal turbo compressor
  • Open evaporator and condenser
  • Plate heat exchangers as external connection
  • Refrigerant water (R718)
  • Integrated „Free Cooling“ Mode
  • Communication interface to the higher-level control unit
  • Control of peripheral components
  • Monitoring

Optional Equipment

  • Main-Assist-control
  • Remote control

Capacity Range

The following diagrams describe the areas of application of the two versions. The dark colored area marked “I” describes the optimum areas of application. The areas “II” are available on request.



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