The eChiller 35/45

  • Up to 45 kW Cooling Capacity
  • 100 % Water as a Refrigerant
  • No direct CO2 Emissions
  • Up to 30 % state fundings possible (in Germany)

The eChiller35/45

This double-stage chiller is available delivering cooling capacities 35 and 45 kW.
This eChiller is ideally operating in IT / data centre cooling, cooling of industrial processes and machine cooling.

Based on the unique and future-proof Bluezero® technology, the chiller works with water (R718) as a refrigerant – worlds’ most natural safety refrigerant. Discover the great benefits our eChillers to stay successful, sustainable and future proof in your business.


The eChiller 35 and eChiller45

This eChiller provides cooling capacities of up to 35 or 45 kW and, together with the eChiller120, is the only chiller in series using the Bluezero® Technology that enables water as a refrigerant worldwide.

It is ideal for application such as data center cooling and the cooling of industrial processes as well as machine cooling.
Water as a refrigernats causes 0% CO2 emissions adn is the most energy effcient refrigerant ever. All current and future environmental and safety regulations do not apply to water (R718). That reduces costs for refrigerants and maintenance during operation, secures your investment and the climate.

Basic Data on the eChiller35/45

  • Up to 80% energy savings compared to conventional technology
  • Pure water as a refrigerant (R718)
  • F-Gas Regulation does not apply
  • ERP-ready
  • Refrigeration performance at 35 kW and chilled water at 22 °C/28 °C
  • Continuously variable capacity modulation between 10 % to 200 %
  • Works by direct evaporation of water in a vacuum-tight closed-loop
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The technology – trailblazing, highly efficient and climate neutral

The unique and innovative Bluezero® – technology is inside all eChillers – enabling water as a refrigerant for a wide range of industrial applications. Since 2020, Bluezero® is official registered as trademark and can is also being sold as standalone technology for integration in OEM products. It is ideal for temperatures from 12 °C upwards and here, it offers outstanding results in performance and efficiency. Looking at this temperature spectrum, there is simply no better solution to your cooling applications than Bluezero® – economically or environmentally.

Learn more about the Bluezero® technology

Future-proof refrigerant

– Clean and f-gas free
– Odourless
– Non- ammable, non-toxic

Operating reliability

Energy savings of up to 82 % through stepless adjustment and free cooling mode

– low start-up current
– energy-optimized Re-cooling system control

Premium energy and cost ef ciency

– Stepless part load control and integrated free cooling mode
– Plug‘n‘Play system
– Award-winning, efficient technology

Economic ef ciency

– Optimum system ef ciency due to a clever control system and maximized free cooling operating hours


  • High part load ef ciency
  • No start-up current – avoids risk of electrical network overload
  • No restrictions on installation location
  • In line with decarbonisation strategies


Industrial process cooling:

  • Stable, continuous operation
  • Modular, scalable setup
  • Stable ow temperature



  • High part load ef ciency
  • Analogue setpoint adjustment during the course of the day
  • No restrictions considering the installation, no machinery room required

The eChiller with Bluezero inside - tailored to your application!

Watch our animation video on how water as a refrigerants solves the current problems of industrial cooling.

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