eChiller cascade applications with other refrigerants

eChiller cascade applications with other refrigerants

If temperatures below the eChiller’s scope are required which e.g. is common in the commercial refrigeration segment, eChillers can be combined with other processes in cascade arrangements. Due to its operational temperature range, the eChiller is used in the high-temperature stage of the cascade.

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Efficient Energy is currently investigating the implementation of the first eChiller cascade applications, which have already delivered promising results.
Are you interested in sustainable cooling of your commerial refrigeration cabinets or fresh food counters using an eChiller cascade application in combination with a further natural refrigerantas CO2 or propane?

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In the following, the different interconnection options for eChiller cascades with the respective refrigerants are explained:

Full Cascade

The entire condensation heat of the low-temperature stage is dissipated by the eChiller

Direct: eChiller in combination with CO2
Implementing a direct full cascade with CO2, the eChiller generates a condensing temperature for the CO2 process, which ensures subcritical operation independent of the ambient temperature throughout the entire year.

Indirect: eChiller in combination with plug-in devices with e.g. propane
Implementing an indirect cascade with cooling cabinet or freezer, the heat of the condensation of the individual plug-in units is delivered to a water loop. The eChiller keeps the temperature of the water loop constant so that the circuits in the individual plug in units can be operated at constant and optimal operating conditions.

Part Cascade

For the implementation of a partial cascade, a transcritical CO2 process is combined with an eChiller. The eChiller subcools the supercritical CO2 after the gas cooler to increase the cooling capacity.