eChiller Chilled Water Units

The eChiller adapted to your application

The eChiller is designed for cooling processes with high chilled water outlet temperatures. Its optimal cooling capacity lies in a range from 16 °C to 22 °C, but outlet temperatures of between 10 °C to 28 °C are also possible – a spectrum that traditional chillers are only partially capable of covering.

The eChiller is available in four designs, with a nominal cooling capacity range of 20 kW to 45 kW, depending on the configuration of the chilled water outlet temperature, the compressor and the cooling water inlet temperature. Total capacity can be scaled to over 300 kW by combining several systems.

eChiller Kaltwassersatz Kältemaschine

The standard equipment for easy integration into your application

  • Centrifugal turbo compressor
  • Open evaporator and condenser
  • Plate heat exchangers as external connection
  • Refrigerant water (R718)
  • Integrated „Free Cooling“
  • Communication interface to the higher-level control unit
  • Control of peripheral components

Optional equipment

  • Main-Assist-control
  • Remote control
  • Monitoring for e.g. BAFA

Capacity range and efficiency data

The following diagrams describe the areas of application of the two versions. As described in diagram “Type 35”, for the required chilled water outlet temperature of 18 °C a maximum permissible cooling water inlet temperature of 40 °C is shown. The dark colored area marked “I” describes the optimum areas of application. The areas “II” are available on request. The lower diagram shows the efficiency characteristics of the respective systems as a function of the chilled water outlet- and cooling water inlet temperatures. The example “Type 35” shows an EER of “8” for a required chilled water temper-ature of 20 °C and a cooling water temperature of 25 °C.

eChiller Type 35

Operating limits double stage version

Operating limits single stage version

Efficiency data*)

Envelope I: optimal operating limits (dark area)
Envelope II: the chilled water output temperature can be optionally adjusted (light area)

eChiller Type 45

Operating limits double stage version

Operating limits single stage version

Efficiency data*)

*) Efficiency values at full capacity
**) EER (energy efficiency ratio) defines the level of efficiency in terms of cooling capacity related to electric power input

Dimensions and Weight