Compact Refrigeration Technology with the Safety Refrigerant Water (R718) and Glycol-Free Cooling

The AirChiller is an air-cooled refrigeration system for outdoor installation offering a refrigeration capacity of 70 kW. The AirChiller combines the glycol- and chemical-free LUMI cooler with the eChiller, a refrigeration system that operates exclusively with the safety refrigerant water (R718).

The LUMI cooler works entirely with fresh water and high-pressure humidification and is available with or without adiabatic functionality. The system has a hygiene certification in accordance with VDI 2047, Sheet 2. The eChiller uses water (R718) as refrigerant, and thereby fulfils the F-Gas Regulation and increasing safety requirements for refrigerants. The components’ hydronic and control systems are interconnected and work highly energy-efficient at any stage of operation thanks to its integrated free cooling and energy-optimised control.

AirChiller – The Advantages at a Glance

  • High level of operating safety combined with maximum savings in operating costs
  • Time and cost-intensive operating duties are avoided as the system operates purely with water
  • Environmentally-friendly and quiet
  • configured for low cooling-water and high outdoor temperatures
  • Compact and turnkey ready
  • Retrofit – future-proof upgrade of legacy systems
  • Eligible for BAFA funding

The AirChiller fulfills the regulatory requirements:

  • F-Gas Regulation Nr. 517/2014 does not apply
  • Ecodesign Directive EN2016/2281
  • DIN EN378 does not apply
  • Hygiene certification VDI 2047, Sheet 2
  • Glycol-free
  • Chemical-free

Compact Refrigeration Solution – turnkey ready, reliable and frost-proof

The complete integration of the eChiller and the LUMI recooler into a compact refrigeration system ensures energy-optimised control at all operating points. The system is delivered as an integrated module. Only suitable power and water supplies are needed. The AirChiller offers a high level of operating safety combined with maximum savings in operating costs. Time and cost-intensive operating duties can be avoided as the system operates without chemicals, but purely with water.

The frost-proof version of the integrated unit allows outdoor operation using water as a refrigerant, even during winter. Whether you are upgrading a legacy system or installing a new one, the AirChiller is a sustainable and cost-efficient solution for chiller operators, and one that is also eligible for BAFA funding.

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Modes of Operation and Efficiency Data

The AirChiller is configured for low cooling-water and high outdoor temperatures, and is ideally suited for cooling of data centres, industrial processes and buildings. Find out more about the areas of application.

Envelope I: optimal operating limits (dark area)
Envelope II: the chilled water output temperature can be optionally adjusted (light area)

Annual COP in dry operating mode: 11
Annual COP in adiabatic operating mode: 19
*) Efficiency values at full capacity
**) The EER (energy efficiency ratio) defines the level of efficiency in terms of cooling capacity related to electric power input