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eChiller product variants and optional products

The eChiller stands for sustainable cooling with the safety refrigerant water (R718).
The eChiller is not only available in a one- and two-stage version with two refrigeration capacities, but can be used for outdoor installation when being integrated in a unit. At the same time the eChiller is already used in cascade applications and for the production of cold air in AHUs. Additional products such as hydronic pump modules that allow an easy integration into your application, a master/slave-control or our monitoring package round off our range of products.

eChiller Chilled Water Units

The eChiller is suitable for a spectrum of cooling capacities that traditional chillers are only partially capable of covering. Its optimal cooling capacity lies in a range from 16 °C to 22 °C, but chilled water outlet temperatures of between 10 °C to 28 °C are also feasible.

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eChiller cascade applications with other natural refrigerants

If temperatures below the eChiller's scope are required, eChillers can be combined with other processes, which also work with natural refrigerants in cascade arrangements.

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eChiller Chilled Air Production in Air Handling Units

eChillers can be used for room air conditioning. For this purpose, a water to air heat exchanger is directly integrated into the chilled water side of the eChiller reducing heat transfer losses.

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Hydronic pump module

The hydronic pump module is the perfect link between one or more eChillers and the hydronic system of your application. The module is designed for operation with water and water/glycol mixtures.

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Master/Slave Controller

A master/slave controller ensures the demand-driven and energy-efficient operation of the installation of multiple eChillers. The master/slave control is based on the standard components of the eChiller, thus no further hardware components are required.

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Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

Remote monitoring and maintenance allows to review the operation parameters of the eChiller system in real time and to optimize the settings if desired.

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Optional, a monitoring package is offered which includes detailed reports for defined periods.

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Predictive Maintenance

Instead of reacting to defects and malfunction only in retrospect, predictive maintenance makes it possible to detect potential defects of the eChiller installation before they actually occur.

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