Performance calculator for your eChiller

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Run our performance calculator to determine the energy efficiency and cost effectiveness of the eChiller in your specific application. Select the input quantities that are relevant to you in order to view the performance data and energy costs that can be achieved with the eChiller.
The calculation is done automatically after complete selection of all input variables.

FAQs on the energy consumption calculator

Below you will find the answers to some questions that may arise when using the performance calculator. Do you have any further questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us:

The eChiller types 35 and 45 differ in their rated output at 22 °C chilled water temperature (type 35 = 35 kW, type 45 = 45 kW). The systems are completely identical except for the compressor – different compressor types can be installed in the same system. For both eChiller types the cooling capacity decreases with decreasing chilled water outlet temperature.

The performance differences result from the density change of the water vapor as a function of the temperature. The lower the evaporation temperature, the lower is the density. The cooling capacity of a refrigeration system with turbo compressor largely depends on the mass flow. This mass flow depends directly on the density, which varies greatly depending on the steam temperature.

The annual COP (refrigeration) is calculated from the total amount of cooling energy in relation to the total electrical power required over the course of a year.