BAFA subsidies for the eChiller

A revised version of the EU regulation on subsidies for cooling and air conditioning systems, including additional components, took effect on 01 January 2019. Under the new legislation, BAFA became responsible for approving, funding and handling the subsidy transaction.
It is part of the Federal government’s program of measures for implementing the national Climate Action Plan 2050, with the mid-term aim of cutting the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) in Germany by at least 55% of 1990 levels by 2030. In the area of refrigeration and air conditioning, its focus lies on improving energy efficiency, reducing refrigeration needs, and cutting emissions of fluorinated GHGs.

The eChiller fully satisfies all the conditions for receiving BAFA subsidies.
Moreover, when combined with the eChiller, other components – such as coolers, storage, air coolers and cooling brine circuits – are also eligible for non-repayable subsidies and, under certain circumstances, may even qualify for a lump sum payment for project planning costs. Simultaneously installed photovoltaic systems are also covered by the subsidy program. It should be noted, however, that all applications must first be approved by the competent authority (BAFA), before embarking on the project.
Applications for the non-repayable subsidies for eChiller must be submitted to BAFA using its electronic form before the purchase agreement is signed. Our sales team would be happy to assist you, and estimate your specific subsidy.

Funding Calculator

Beforehand, applicants can use the funding calculator (German) of the National Climate Initiative to calculate a possible subsidy.

Please note:

  • Companies, not-for-profits, local authorities, local administrative bodies, special purpose associations, own plant operations, schools and universities, hospitals and church organizations are eligible.
  • A combination with other subsidies is not possible.

Further information on subsidies can be found on the BAFA website or via your local Efficient Energy contact.

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