eChiller – the refrigeration system with the safe and natural refrigerant water (R718)

eChiller is the only chiller available in standard that uses pure water (R718) as a refrigerant.

The principle is not new: Our technology builds on the direct evaporation, compression, condensation and expansion of water or water vapor in a closed-loop cycle. Depending on the application, this process takes place in a vacuum at low pressures between 10 to 100 mbar and in the temperature range of 5 to 45 °C.

  • Environmentally friendly

    The most natural refrigerant in the world - 100 percent water (R718)

  • Energy-efficient

    High energy efficiency - low operating costs

  • Emission-free

    No CO2 emissions due to refrigerant leaks

  • Legal compliance

    No environmental and safety regulations

  • Low noise

    Extremely quiet and low-vibration operation

Multi-variant: the eChiller product family

Get to know the eChiller product family with all current product variants and optional additional products from Efficient Energy.

Eine Kältemaschine mit Wasser als Kältemittel

Das Kältemittel Wasser hat viele Vorteile. Alle kältemittelrelevanten Umwelt- und Sicherheitsvorschriften, die jetzt und in Zukunft für den Betrieb und die Wartung von Kälteanlagen gelten, entfallen mit Wasser (R718). Das senkt den finanziellen und wartungstechnischen Aufwand beim Betrieb der Anlage, sichert Ihre Investition und beeinflusst nicht nur die Zukunft des globalen Klimas , sondern auch die zukünftige CO2-Bilanz Ihres Unternehmens positiv.

Und das ist wichtiger als je zuvor: In den kommenden Jahren werden die derzeit eingesetzten Kälteanlagen den gesetzlichen Anforderungen nicht mehr genügen. Stetig steigende Stromkosten belasten die Kälteerzeugung zusätzlich. Umso wichtiger ist es schon heute, weitsichtig in neue Wege zu investieren. Der eChiller ist die perfekte Antwort auf die F-Gase-Verordnung, die Ökodesign-Richtlinie und die prognostizierte Kältemittel- und Energiekostenentwicklung.

Basic data on the eChiller – the hitherto most efficient chiller:

  • Up to 80% energy savings compared to conventional technology
  • Pure water as a refrigerant (R718)
  • F-Gase-Verordnung greift nicht
  • ERP-ready
  • Eligible forBAFA funding
  • Refrigeration performance at 35 kW and chilled water at 22 °C/28 °C
  • Continuously variable capacity modulation between 10 % to 200 %
  • Works by direct evaporation of water in a vacuum-tight closed-loop


The technology – trailblazing, highly efficient and climate neutral

The modular design of the system makes it possible to operate only those components needed to achieve the required temperature lift by interconnecting the cooling units as a function of the internal heat load and outside temperature.

The transitions are continious and range from two-stage, full-load capacity to single-stage operation and even a pure free cooling mode. But, unlike other conventional refrigeration systems with “free cooling” modes, eChiller’s internal passive cooling kicks in even when outside temperatures are only marginally lower than the cooling water or brine intake temperature.

Feasible chilled water temperatures start at 10 °C. As a result of the system design, cold water temperatures of 22 °C and above, which conventional cooling systems cannot work with, are especially efficient. Here, the eChiller 2-35 achieves a cooling capacity of 35 kW.


The eChiller is ideally suited for continuous industrial process cooling, for cooling server and switch rooms and in technical building equipment. Find out more about all possible uses and applications in a personal conversation with our consulting and sales team.

Learn more about the eChiller in a short video introduction

In this video you can find out everything about the structure and mode of operation of the eChiller and why it is one of the most efficient chillers on the market.

Environmentally friendly and efficient industrial cooling with Bluezero from Efficient Energy

Sustainable industrial cooling can work. Because it really works: Our eChiller works with the direct evaporation of water in a vacuum-tight system and closed circuit, which is hydraulically decoupled from the recooler and the cooling point via plate heat exchangers.

BlueZero technology makes water as a refrigerant possible and transforms the increasingly regulated and environmentally harmful refrigeration and air conditioning technology into a CO2-neutral life cycle assessment. The centerpiece is the know-how of Efficient Energy, in which the energy of water can be used during the phase change in a vacuum between 10°C and 120°C. The core applications of the BlueZero technology are cooling and heat pump solutions. BlueZero has been successfully used in the eChiller for several years. With Bluezero you can take advantage of all benefit that water as a refrigerant provide – by integrating the technology in your own branded product. Bluezero – because water is blue and has zero emissions

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