Cooling of industrial processes –Tunap case study

The company TUNAP Industrie Chemie GmbH & Co. Produktions KG, based in Wolfratshausen, Germany, is one of the largest European manufacturers of technical aerosols. The production focus at this site is on chemical agents and liquids.

The technical focus of this facility is the liquefaction of solvents evaporated in chemical-technological processes, allowing nearly 100 % of the substances to be recycled and reinjected into the production process. The targeted cold water temperature is 18 °C.

Solvent condensers designed specifically for this process were installed as a solution. An eChiller provides the cooling capacity, with a conventional chiller with a HFC refrigerant deployed as a backup. The solvent condenser is connected by a hydraulic separator and a circulation pump. The condenser is cooled solely by the eChiller.

The challenge of this specific case was the single shift operation. The following diagram illustrates the course of generated cooling capacity over time, normalized with respect to the maximum cooling load. The production starts on Monday morning (13th February 2017) is clearly recognizable in the peak. On other days, the hydraulic separator is charged as needed.

Weekly cooling capacity cycle

Weekly cooling capacity cycle

All expectations regarding reliability and great economic advantages were fulfilled in day-to-day operation.