Testbed-validated performance data

The excellent performance figures and the reliability of eChiller have been impressively demonstrated in the field over a period of 360 months. This operating period has resulted in energy savings of over 390,000 Euro (at 0,2 €/kWh) and 1.120 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions reductions (at 580 g/kWh for the year 2015, source: UBA).

In addition, the eChiller performance data have been validated on testbeds of reputable refrigeration technology manufacturers in Denmark and Italy.

Below, we have compiled a number of reference examples and application scenarios:


Efficient cooling of server rooms and computing centers

Application domain: Cooling of data centers and server rooms

Efficient cooling of data centers and server rooms

eChiller has been successfully deployed in the server rooms and IT equipment of Germany’s largest dairy plant, DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH, and the Sparkasse Calw savings bank. The servers are cooled using 20 to 25 °C air chilled using eChillers.

And this is how it works:

  • Cold air is pumped through the servers and absorbs the heat generated by the electronic components
  • The warmed exhaust air is then cooled back down to the supply air temperature via a heat exchanger connected to the eChiller
  • Cooling (dissipating heat to the environment) via dry coolers and a brine closed-loop cycle

Reference example: DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH

Long term deployment with top results – Cooling of two data centers

eChiller has been deployed at the Seckenhausen site near Bremen since the end of 2014 to dissipate the excess heat of a server room to the outside via an air-cooled dry cooler.

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Reference example: Sparkassen IT Calw

High-efficient cooling of server rooms

The task specified by Sparkassen-IT in Calw was to cool a high-efficiency data center with a maximum cooling capacity of 35 kW and a cold aisle temperature of 25 °C.

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Efficient cooling of industrial facilities and processes

Application domain: Industrial process cooling

eChiller is currently deployed for industrial process cooling with a constant, year-round cooling requirement of approx. 35 kW at Tunap in Wolfratshausen and Gardena, Husqvarna in Ulm, among others:

Reference example: TUNAP

Process cooling for liquefaction of solvents

TUNAP Industrie Chemie GmbH & Co. Produktions KG, based in Wolfratshausen, Germany is one of the largest European manufacturers of technical aerosols. The production focus at this site is on chemical agents and liquids.

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Reference example: Gardena

Application in the synthetics industry

Cooling tools in injection molding applications for synthetics. Cooling the injection molding machine using cold water provided by an eChiller. Cooling (dissipating heat to the environment) via dry coolers and a brine closed-loop cycle.