The chiller with the refrigerant water

eChiller – the refrigeration system with the safe and natural refrigerant water (R718)

eChiller is the only chiller available in standard that uses pure water (R718) as a refrigerant.

That has many advantages – all current and future environmental and safety regulations pertaining to the operation and maintenance of refrigeration units are irrelevant for water (R718). That reduces the economic and maintenance burden during operation, secures your investment and has a positive effect not only on the future of our global climate, but also on the bottom line of your company’s CO2 balance.

And this is more important than ever

In the coming years, currently deployed chillers will no longer fulfill the regulatory requirements. Permanently rising energy costs place an additional burden on refrigeration. That makes farsighted investment into new approaches today all the more important. The eChiller is the perfect response to the F-Gas Regulation, the Ecodesign Directive and the anticipated trends in refrigerant and energy costs.

Water as a refrigerant – The unrivaled alternative

The principle is not new: Our technology builds on the direct evaporation, compression, condensation and expansion of water or water vapor in a closed-loop cycle. Depending on the application, this process takes place in a vacuum at low pressures between 10 to 100 mbar and in the temperature range of 5 to 45 °C.

Basic data on the eChiller – the hitherto most efficient chiller:

  • Up to 80% energy savings compared to conventional technology
  • Pure water as a refrigerant (R718)
  • F-Gas Regulation does not apply
  • ERP-ready
  • Eligible for BAFA funding
  • Refrigeration performance at 35 kW and chilled water at 22 °C/28 °C
  • Continuously variable capacity modulation between 10 % to 200 %
  • Works by direct evaporation of water in a vacuum-tight closed-loop

The eChiller is perfectly suited for cooling of industrial processes, server and switching rooms and technical building equipment

Additional information on eChiller application domains

The heart of our sustainable refrigeration unit is a proprietary compressor system known as the “ct turbo”.

This is a turbo compressor fitted with an exceptionally efficient power unit comprising a motor and electronics that achieves rotational speeds up to 90,000 rpm and adapts the performance of the compressor to the cooling demand by regulating the rotational speed. It is precisely these components, which we have assembled to a highly efficient cooling unit in the eChiller, that constitute the real innovation.

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Environmentally friendly industrial cooling

The technology – trailblazing, highly efficient and climate neutral

The modular design of the system makes it possible to operate only those components needed to achieve the required temperature lift by interconnecting the cooling units as a function of the internal heat load and outside temperature.

The transitions are continious and range from two-stage, full-load capacity to single-stage operation and even a pure free cooling mode. But, unlike other conventional refrigeration systems with “free cooling” modes, eChiller’s internal passive cooling kicks in even when outside temperatures are only marginally lower than the cooling water or brine intake temperature.

Feasible chilled water temperatures start at 10 °C. As a result of the system design, cold water temperatures of 22 °C and above, which conventional cooling systems cannot work with, are especially efficient. Here, the eChiller 2-35 achieves a cooling capacity of 35 kW.


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eChiller production

Everything from a single source. Efficient Energy manufactures and distributes eChiller. Production is currently done on our premises in Feldkirchen near Munich.

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