The eChiller product range – chilled water units with the safety refrigerant Water (R718) and simple Plug ‘n’ Play integration

Efficient Energy Plug n PlayThe eChiller product range – chilled water units with the safety refrigerant Water (R718) and simple Plug ‘n’ Play integration

Energy-efficient cooling technology with the safety refrigerant Water (R718) – that is what’s on offer with the eChiller product range of the Efficient Energy GmbH – the world’s only mass-produced cooling systems to date that are exempted from the F-Gas Regulation and coolant-related safety requirements.

The eChiller product range is optimally suited to cool server rooms, industrial processes and buildings. The eChiller is available with cooling capacities ranging from 20 kW to 45 kW and can be scaled modularly up to more than 300 kW.

Today’s answer to overcoming -increasing regulatory challenges

By using the natural safety refrigerant Water (R718), the eChiller already fulfils the new F-Gas Regulation and increasing refrigerant-related safety requirements. As such, it exempts operators permanently from the costly and time-consuming maintenance duties associated with other refrigeration machines.

When the cooling water temperature drops marginally below the required chilled water temperature, the system’s fully adjustable, integrated control switches to free cooling mode. Depending on the application at hand, this can cut the annual energy consumption by up to 80% compared to other state-of-the-art technologies. The eChiller not only fulfils the efficiency requirements of the Energy Related Products Directive EN2016/2281, but also the enhanced requirements that will first take effect in 2021.

Plug ‘n’ Play – easy integration into your legacy system

Efficient Energy GmbH presents the latest eChiller model at the Chillventa 2018 and provides information about its easy-to-integrate Plug ‘n’ Play system. This consists of one or more eChillers, a matching hydronic pump module with all the required components as well as dry and adiabatic coolers. Amongst the standard deliverables of the eChiller are an auxiliary-component control system and an interface for connecting to the master controller. This saves time and cost of integration into your infrastructure. Optional services round off our Plug ‘n’ Play Component Package. 

eChiller – future-proof, climate-friendly and eligible for BAFA funding

Efficient Energy GmbH supports its customers in overcoming the rising regulatory challenges of refrigeration technology and offers them long-term, sustainable solutions with its eChiller product range. With its outstanding cost efficiency and superior CO2 footprint, companies benefit in many ways.

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