Sweat with us for the Climate

…and save power, taking a cold shower!

sweat with us for the climate

The Community Leaders for Climate Action, which also includes Efficient Energy, is organizing a campaign around Earth Day (April 22nd). The aim of the campaign is to actively involve as many people and companies as possible in climate protection in the period from April 19-25 under the motto “Time for Climate Action“. Awareness of the climate crisis is to be increased and possibilities are shown on how to contribute to climate protection in just 5 minutes.

As part of the campaign, Efficient Energy invites employees, customers, partner companies and all followers to sweat for the climate. During the campaign week, anyone who wants to do sport for the climate can track kilometers they have run or cycled using the Strava app in the Efficient Energy Club.

There are three stages to reach: 250 km, 500 km and 750 km. The total number of kilometers achieved after the campaign week is converted by Efficient Energy into tonnes of CO2e and invested in a certified climate protection project. We plant trees in German forests to support reforestation and at the same time protect the Amazon rainforest through a climate protection project in Brazil promoting sustainable agriculture. The maximum number of kilometers that can be achieved is 750 km and corresponds to 100 tons of CO2e.
sweat with us for the climate Sttus

The cold shower after exercise is optional, but it definitely saves a lot of energy.

So put on your running shoes, get on your bike and sweat with us for the climate!

How can I participate?

Download the Strava app (link), create a free profile (no trial membership necessary) and become part of the publicly accessible Efficient Energy Club. Simply click on “Join” and you’re in.
Now you can track every bike ride and short run with the app in the period from April 19-25 and collect kilometers for the climate.

Runners please note: Strava clubs are limited to one defined sport. Our club is set up as a cycling club and we therefore ask you to record your running kilometers as a cycling activity, otherwise these will not be counted in the club.

Of course, we would be happy if you share your athletic commitment on social media and use the following hashtags: #TimeForClimateAction #wearetomorrow #sweatfortheclimate #5minsForThePlanet

Your kilometres plant trees in Germany and protect the Amazon rainforest

Germany is one of the most densely forested countries in the EU. But here, too, forests are clearly feeling the effects of climate change. Drought, heat and storms weaken common tree species such as spruce. With your kilometers we plant trees as part of a targeted reforestation with the help of which German forests are converted into healthy mixed forests.

Regional projects are important, but do not provide a certified reduction in emissions. That is why we combine the planting of trees in Germany with the support of an internationally recognized climate protection project in Brazil. By supporting sustainable agriculture in harmony with nature we protect the existing Amazon forest and prevent deforestation.
For every tonne of CO2 compensated by the climate protection project, a tree is planted in Germany. This is how we show regional commitment and promote climate neutrality.

Background information

What is the Time for Climate Action campaign about?

The Leaders for Climate Action launched this campaign around the week of Earth Day 2021 to make climate protection measures easily accessible to individuals. With the help of the reach of all participating tech companies, the goal is to reach more than 50 million people in Europe with the campaign.
During the campaign – from 19.-25. April 2021 – the participating companies motivate their team members, customers, suppliers and partner companies to become active for climate protection, provide teaching materials for their industry, start their own “plant a tree!” campaign, and much more more!

Who is behind the campaign?

The Leaders for Climate Action (LFCA Umwelt e.V.) are a 100% non-profit association based in Berlin, whose sole goal and main concern is to make a meaningful and measurable contribution to climate protection. Their global community of tech companies has one thing in common: the will to proactively tackle climate protection. The companies in the community are constantly working to reduce their own footprint. They also use their own resources and know-how to promote climate protection within their networks: among suppliers, competitors, politicians and customers.

Why is there an earth day?

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd each year. The day aims to sensitize society to climate change and global warming. The day inspires people to work to protect the environment and focus on the need to preserve it. Earth Day is considered the largest civil event in the world and calls for immediate action to combat industrial pollution, the climate crisis, the disposal of toxic waste, etc.

The best time to start protecting the climate is now!