Our Bluezero® technology, which harnesses water as a refrigerant, has made us a true clean-tech pioneer in the refrigeration industry. Our refrigeration technology is serving to drive a shift in the refrigeration industry away from harmful F-gases towards natural alternatives; in doing so, we are helping our customers reduce their carbon footprints and contributing significantly towards meeting national and international climate goals. Besides this, our eChiller product range has also been recognised with the European Commission’s European Business Award for the Environment 2018/2019.

As a company, we have been climate-neutral since 2020 and attach great importance to sustainability in all business processes and interactions with our employees, customers, partners and suppliers. Our corporate aspiration is to approach resource neutrality and make a real contribution to sustainable development.

As a clean-tech company, sustainable action and thinking are programmed in our DNA. We are convinced that assuming social, environmental and economic responsibility contribute fundamentally to our economic success.

Georg Dietrich, CEO

Sustainability means consistency

We strive for a holistic view and implementation of the topic of sustainability in our company and thus try to approach resource neutrality step by step. Find out more below about how we live sustainability at Efficient Energy. We promise that we will stick to it!


While our refrigeration technology helps our customers reduce their carbon footprint, it is equally important for us to take responsibility for our own actions and for our planet. Efficient Energy GmbH therefore takes pride in qualifying as one of the refrigeration industry’s first climate-neutral companies, which it became in 2020 after having calculated its corporate emissions, offset these and taken measures to reduce them.

In 2020, Efficient Energy CEO, Georg Dietrich, set a good example by becoming a Leader for Climate Action and offsetting his own, personal carbon footprint. The next logical step was to commit Efficient Energy to this “Green Pledge” as well.

In cooperation with the Leaders for Climate Action community (link:, we calculated the CO2 emissions resulting from our business activities. Our supply chain not yet included, we listed and evaluated all of our direct sources of emissions – from electricity consumption, water and office supplies to the vehicle fleet and business travel. We then worked with Climatepartner (link: on selecting an appropriate project to offset our carbon footprint. Offsetting emissions alone, however, is, of course, only part of the story and we continue to implement measures to cut our emissions further. Examples of the measures implemented thus far are a switch to green electricity, as well as our “Trains over Planes” business travel policy which stipulates no domestic air travel.

Why not accompany us on our journey towards resource neutrality? Discover more about the reduction measures we have implemented to date, the climate protection project we support and its contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).


Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us, but is lived each day in all of Efficient Energy’s business processes.

We refurbished our production facilities and expanded the laboratory infrastructure to enable a more efficient and prudent use of resources. We also converted the air conditioning of the laboratory to our own eChiller refrigeration technology using water as a refrigerant.

When sourcing materials, we are mindful of material and raw-material efficiency and try to use regional suppliers wherever feasible to strengthen the region. Likewise, we always first question the need for business trips and, only when these are absolutely unavoidable, choose the most environmentally friendly means of transport possible when booking.

Germany is respected worldwide for manufacturing high-quality, future-oriented equipment and products and enjoys an excellent reputation for the outstanding talent of its engineers and skilled workers. Efficient Energy GmbH develops and manufactures exclusively in Germany, thereby strengthening the country’s leading international competitiveness with its expertise and technology.


As a pioneer of clean cooling, our innovative refrigeration technology stands for a business model that is green through and through. Sustainability is therefore not only our profound conviction, but also our core business. This is strategically important for us because, with every company under a strict legal obligation to significantly reduce its carbon footprint over the coming years, the potential offered by refrigeration is, unfortunately, often overlooked when drafting measures.

The refrigeration industry currently contributes significantly to global warming, accounting for eight percent of global CO2 emissions. Poor energy efficiency results in over 17 percent of annual global energy consumption used on cooling and air conditioning. In Germany, for example, energy usage for heating and cooling alone accounts for around 50 percent of total energy consumption.
A switch to our cooling technology enables up to 80 percent energy savings for cooling, depending on the application concerned. But even if e.g. the widely used R410A refrigeration systems were switched to solar power, our technology would still have an enormous emission advantage due to the 100-percent emission-free refrigerant, water. In this way, we are helping our customers to find long-term, future-oriented answers to meeting their environmental challenges.

Describing a product as holistically resource- and environmentally friendly requires that the entire product life cycle (PLC) – from material sourcing and production through to service life and disposal – be considered. We have already calculated a Carbon Footprint of Product (CFP) for the eChiller35/45 which incorporates all the aforementioned aspects and allowed us to derive measures for a resource-optimised PLC for our existing and future products. We are a long way from exhausting all of the possibilities here and are well aware that some homework still needs to be done.


Besides the environmental and economic factors, other aspects – such as the social component and a company’s responsibility towards its employees, customers, partners, suppliers, investors and society as a whole – also play a central role.

Our employees are our most valuable asset and their well-being and health are our top priority. We cultivate respectful relations between equals and live a modern organisational structure characterised by flat hierarchies, agile project set-ups, transparency and a high degree of personal responsibility.

Work-life balance is an absolute must for us, and flexible working hours and the option to work from home let us achieve an optimal balance between leisure/family and work. Also important for us is to promote diversity at our company and ensure equal opportunities regardless of age, gender, origin and social background.

In times of crisis, such as the current Corona pandemic, the health and safety of our employees is our top concern. We take every conceivable measure to protect them – from devising hygiene concepts and providing them with FFP2 masks to switching entirely to home-working (where the nature of the job permits).

We also place great emphasis on good and trusting relations with our customers, suppliers and business partners. To ensure outstanding service and product safety is of course another important aspect of sustainability when thinking of our customers and business partners.

To support the refrigeration technology experts of tomorrow, refrigeration schools can gain insight into our Bluezero® technology in the form of lectures and production tours. We also allow international delegations of refrigeration technology experts to visit our premises in cooperation with the German Federal environmental foundation Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU), the aim being to transfer knowledge in the use of water as a refrigerant to other countries as well.

Just as important is our duty to live up to our investors’ expectations and to spend the funds they commit wisely.

But corporate social responsibility also means contributing to society as a whole and, in this area, we pursue a highly informative and educational role. While air travel is widely condemned as a source of emissions, hardly anyone is aware of the refrigeration industry’s much larger contribution to climate change. For this reason, we run a Cool Insights blog in which we provide easy-to-understand and well-prepared content and background information on the refrigeration industry.

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