We are refrigeration experts and work together in an ingenious and friendly way

Team work is the basis of our success

50 employees – Every member of our team in an expert in his or her field. We talk, design and, when necessary, even philosophize. Always with one goal in mind: To find the best and most efficient solution. After all, as refrigeration experts we aspire to nothing less than to revolutionize the refrigeration industry – with products that will improve the future of refrigeration while setting new standards in economy and ecology.

The management

Dr. Jürgen Süß has been the managing director of Efficient Energy GmbH since 2013. An expert in the field, he relies on his congenial character to inspire and motivate the team of technicians, engineers and specialists.

As an authority in the field he commands great respect in industry, research institutions and trade associations.



The inventor

Water (R718) as a coolant – in the beginning it was just a vision of Holger Sedlak, who soon found a comrade-in-arms in Oliver Kniffler. With ingenious approaches, persistence and the right partners and experts on board, they developed nearly all required components themselves, since they were not available on the market. After 8 years of development, eChiller was presented to the general public for the first time at the Chillventa 2014.


From research project to future-forging enterprise

Thanks to its first rate, exceptionally qualified staff and know-how, efficient energy has become a strong, competitive enterprise with an unrivaled product: eChiller®.

Join our strong team!

Join our strong team!

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