A clean cooling solution makes history

To make a difference, you have to move: This seems to have been the motto of the founders and inventors of Efficient Energy when it came to developing the new eChiller chilled water unit. Calculations, tinkering and experiments were carried out – with one goal clearly in mind: the development of an environmentally friendly refrigeration unit using water as a refrigerant.

Progress – step by step towards a future with exclusively climate-neutral chillers

After the foundation of the company in 2006, it took another eight years before the chilled water unit, the eChiller, could be presented to a large audience at the leading trade fair for the HVAC&R industry in October 2014. In 2018, the eChiller went into series production and in 2020, the product range was already expanded with the next generation, the eChiller120. An achievement that is also thanks to the company’s investors and sponsors


Series launch eChiller120


Bluezero®inside: Successful implementation of the first OEM project with Menerga


Development and product launch eChiller120


Series launch of eChiller35/45 and presentation at Chillventa 2018


One year of successful field test experience, presentation of the pre-series product eChiller35 at Chillventa


Prototype eChiller 35 kW


Presentation of the first eChiller chiller at Chillventa. Start of field tests in the data centre sector


Santo Venture Capital becomes investor


Move from Sauerlach to Feldkirchen


First prototypes and construction of a laboratory unit, 15 kW cooling capacity


MIG AG becomes investor


First financing round with private investors


Foundation of the company with headquarters in Sauerlach and start of R&D activities in the field of water as a refrigerant

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