We are the pioneer for climate-neutral refrigeration solutions

With courage, passion and ingenuity, we have succeeded in replacing conventional refrigerants with pure water (R718). By virtue of its mode of operation, eChiller sets new standards in energy efficiency, with up to 80 % energy savings compared to the state of the art.

Success that motivates us and confirms that the seemingly impossible is indeed possible.

We have great expectations and do everything in our power to achieve them. Thanks to our world-class staff with excellent qualifications and know-how, efficient energy has today become a strong, competitive enterprise with a product in a league of its own: eChiller.

Our vision

Only climate-neutral refrigeration systems are used.

Our mission

We make clean cooling safe, reliable and affordable


The use of chillers with the climate-neutral refrigerant water is sustainable and creates inestimable value for future generations. We have outstanding people who can optimally develop their individual strengths at our company and make the world a little bit better each day. Together, they form a magnificent team through intelligent interaction, giving our business the efficacy it needs to realise Clean Cooling for our customers. With our innovative prowess and prudent use of our resources, we strive for our joint success. EE employees appreciate the orientation towards our values and our actions based on these. The more you internalise these values, the greater your likelihood of success at our company. With this in mind, we would like to explain our values, the skills and specific conduct most important to us all in our day-to-day dealings with one another and our purposive actions.


  • We have a vision, always aligning our actions systematically with it and never allowing ourselves to be sidetracked by self-interest or group interests
  • We fight for our goals and strive jointly to win
  • We act in a cooperative spirit and never assign blame to others
  • We help and support each other at all times, according to our individual strengths
  • We give each other timely, open and concrete feedback
  • We have fun


  • We listen to each other attentively to understand our colleagues’ points of vie
  • We argue factually and precisely, presenting clearly and descriptively all of the facts
  • We share information that serves as the basis for our actions in a timely, clear, open and honest manner so as to develop a necessary level of understanding among all those involved
  • We accept misunderstandings, disagreements and conflicts and address them with mutual respect and appreciation
  • We always respond to objections and concerns seriously if these are associated with concrete proposals for solutions


  • We are dependable, keep our word and deliver on our promises, thereby nurturing credibility and trust
  • We act impartially and without bias in the company’s interest
  • We openly admit mistakes since they expose opportunities for self-improvement
  • We question actions that are inconsistent with our values
  • We are honest and direct with our colleagues


  • We set ourselves high goals, assess performance by results and go the extra mile to achieve this
  • We are ambitious and do not need an initial stimulus for us to take action
  • We are ardent about our tasks as we see the sense in them
  • We make decisions systematically, weigh up risks and benefits and take responsibility for the consequences

Pioneering spirit

  • We question traditional solutions and break novel and innovative ground with curiosity, creativity and courage
  • We develop purposive and efficient processes and product solutions that prove themselves in practice
  • We assign the highest priority to those ideas that distinguish us as pioneers in the refrigeration industry

Our Executive Board

As members of the executive board, Georg Dietrich, Thomas Bartmann and Dr.-Ing. Daniel Porzig, and Matthias Adler are responsible for implementing Efficient Energy’s corporate strategy.

Georg Dietrich, born 1977, has great international experience as a strategy, finance and operations lead. His focus has always been on building disruptive business models and the implementation of growth strategies. As Vice President Controlling at ProSiebenSat.1, Georg was tasked with the creation of new successful business models and their growth. Moreover, he successfully restructured a German Startup and developed it into a global medium-sized company group. As a consultant, he pushed the business of tech companies to the next level by guiding them through the rough waters of change.

Georg joined Efficient Energy in 2018. As CEO, he is responsible for the strategic development of the company. In addition, Georg is in charge of the departments Product Management, Finance, IT and Administration.

Thomas Bartmann, born 1958, studied mechanical engineering at the renowned RWTH University in Aachen, Germany. During the last 20 years he worked for various international companies within the refrigeration industry. In his positions, leading international sales and business development, he gained a broad experience working in Europe and abroad. He has a great technical expertise and is well known in the industry.

Thomas joined Efficient Energy in 2017 as Member of the Executive Board as Sales Director before he took over the position as Market Transformation Executive in May 2023being responsible for the strategic representation of interests in politics and society.

Daniel Porzig, born in 1982, completed his doctorate at Clausthal University of Technology in the field of high-speed plain bearings for turbomachinery. Before joining Efficient Energy in April 2021, the mechanical engineer spent more than six years in various management positions in technology development at a full-service provider of integrated oilfield products. He is an expert in turbomachinery, tribology and high-temperature electronics.

Daniel Porzig has years of experience in leading and developing interdisciplinary and multinational teams and leads the entire pre-development and development with more than 30 employees at Efficient Energy. He is responsible for expanding the product range of chillers with water as refrigerant as well as the application range of the Bluezero technology.

Matthias Adler, born in 1972, obtaining two degrees in business administration after a sound technical education, have been working for more than 25 years in technical sales, marketing and product management in leading positions. Before joining Efficient Energy he was responsible for the sales, service and marketing activities as CSO of the SolydEra Group, Head of Global Sales of the Meusburger Group and senior sales positions at Alfred Kärcher GmbH.

Since May 2023, he has been part of the Efficient Energy management team as CSO being responsible for sales, marketing and service.

Investors and patrons

We sincerely thank our investors and patrons for their unwavering support and belief in our vision.

Our investors:

MIG Fonds
Santo Venture Capital GmbH
Private Investoren

Our patrons:

Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU)
Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft, Infrastruktur, Verkehr und Technologien (StMWIVT)

From research project to future producing company

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