We are manufacturers and innovators of sustainable and efficient refrigeration technology

With courage, passion and ingenuity, we have succeeded in replacing conventional refrigerants with pure water (R718). By virtue of its mode of operation, eChiller sets new standards in energy efficiency, with up to 80 % energy savings compared to the state of the art.

Success that motivates us and confirms that the seemingly impossible is indeed possible.

We have great expectations and do everything in our power to achieve them. Thanks to our world-class staff with excellent qualifications and know-how, efficient energy has today become a strong, competitive enterprise with a product in a league of its own: eChiller.

Our Executive Board

As members of the executive board, Georg Dietrich, Thomas Bartmann and Dr.-Ing. Klaus Gebauer are responsible for implementing Efficient Energy’s corporate strategy.

Our mission

To establish water as a refrigerant and to supply the respective chillers and heat pumps.

Our vision

Imagine only climate-neutral chillers and heat pumps will be used.

Investors and patrons

We sincerely thank our investors and patrons for their unwavering support and belief in our vision.

Our investors:

MIG Fonds
Santo Venture Capital GmbH
Private Investoren

Our patrons:

Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU)
Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft, Infrastruktur, Verkehr und Technologien (StMWIVT)

From research project to future producing company

Find out more about the history of how Efficient Energy came about, our award-winning development, the eChiller and your opportunities to work in one of the most innovative companies in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.


Get to know the most important milestones in our company history in a short overview.

Our history

Careers and jobs

Work with us on one of the most exciting projects of today: reducing greenhouse gases.

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Efficient Energy and the eChiller have won multiple awards! Find out more about our awards and prizes.