eChiller Plug’n’Play System

The eChiller Plug’n’Play System is a cost-effective, reliable and ecological turnkey solution. It consists of one or more eChillers, a matching hydronic pump module with all the required components as well as dry or adiabatic coolers. Amongst the standard deliverables of the eChiller are an auxiliary-component control system and an interface for connecting to the master controller. This saves time and cost of integration into your infrastructure. Optional services round off the Plug ‘n’ Play component package. What sets it apart from conventional refrigeration systems is the use of water (R718) as refrigerant. Significant energy savings are achieved through free cooling, the smooth transition between the operation modes and the closed cooling circuit operating in vacuum avoiding high pressures.

Our modular system for easy integration into your application

Regardless of whether you have a permanent installation or a variable one with hose connections – all you have to do is connect the components.
The system consists of the following main components which are all centrally controlled by the eChiller:

  • eChiller
  • Pump station incl. chilled and cold water pump(s) and buffer tank if needed
  • Cooler

eChiller Plug n Play solution chiller

The installation effort is limited to the installation of the piping, cables and connections. The use of water (R718) as refrigerant and absence of F-gas means that neither certified refrigeration technicians nor external control technicians are required, which significantly reduces the cost of installation and maintenance. Obtaining all components from one single source makes the system more reliable, cost-efficient and decreases the level of maintenance required. The control is pre-set and the system is ready for start-up right away after the pipework and the electrics have been completed.

The eChiller controls the entire system

The eChiller as standard acts as a control device of the entire refrigeration system being equipped with the following features:

  • Four operation modes:
    • Free Cooling, Free Cooling+, Stage 1, Stage 2
    • Seamless, soft start and smooth transition between each operation mode (no energy consuming stepping mode)
    • Automatic operation
    • Control keeps the chilled water outlet temperature at the set point
    • Free cooling is fully integrated – no separate heat exchanger or piping required
  • Control of the speed-controlled chilled water pump(s), depending on temperature spread (with or without buffer tank)
  • Control of the speed-controlled cold water pump(s)
  • Control of the cold water control loop for minimum cold water inlet temperature to avoid freezing
  • Control of the re-cooler by analog temperature set point
  • High part load efficiency due to centrifugal compressor technology, with optimal operation conditions ranging from 60 % to 80 % load, which represents the typical operation