University Passau

Sustainable heating and cooling supply
for the University Passau

eChiller45 feeds the entire university grid, both with cooling and heating, to help saving energy costs.

Project and Implementation

In August 2021, an eChiller45 was connected to the overall cooling network of the University of Passau, to increase the cooling capacity. The university cooling network supplies all buildings on the campus and is operated by four existing cooling systems and the eChiller. The waste heat of the cooling system can be fed into two heating networks.

The requirements for the eChiller were both, a sustainable additive cooling of the refrigeration network and a heat feed into the heating network by decoupling the recooling. Thus, the eChiller takes over the tasks of a heat pump.

In 2023, another eChiller45 will be connected to the grid. The university plans to further expand the sustainable cooling and heating supply.


Since its installation, the eChiller has fed 85.8 MWh of heat energy into the heating network, which corresponds to cost savings of approx. 14,000 Euros. With an EER* of 4.5 to 5, which is twice as high as of the existing systems, the efficiency of the cooling has been increased by 33%.

„We are completely convinced about the eChiller. For us, it is the cooling system of the future. In addition to the energy efficiency and cost savings of the system, we were impressed of the solution driven approach of the customer service.“

Thomas Schmidbauer, Project leader Operational Technology, University Passau

Technische Daten
Cooling capacity (kW) 2 x 45 kW (max 30 kW)
Setpoint temperatur 14 °C / 18 °C (Outlet/inlet)
Refrigerant R718 (Wasser)
Recooling Wasser/Wasser 40/45 °C