Profol GmbH

The customer

Our field test customer for the eChiller120 is the globally operating cast film and composites manufacturer Profol. At its headquarters in Halfing, Bavaria, the company produces, amongst others, high-quality cast films for packaging, office supplies, as well as furniture coatings and floor coatings. The company has production facilities in Germany, the Czech Republic, China and the US.

Project and implementation

As a result of its many extrusion lines with chill rolls for cast film production, Profol has substantial cooling requirements in the 12 °C – 16 °C temperature range. It already has a central chilled water network with temperatures of around 14 °C. The two eChiller120s are connected directly to this network and offer an optimal solution for the required parameters.

The chilled water feeds a buffer tank which is used to supply all consumers. By operating the two eChiller120s in a cluster, it is possible to ensure a cooling capacity of 160 kW at 14 °C. The pump hydraulic system which was used has been engineered with our partner Kelviplast.

In this field test, we can simulate different outdoor temperature scenarios by adjusting the hydraulic control. This means that all possible operating states can be tested, regardless of the outside temperature.


The system has been in operation since December 2020 to the customer’s complete satisfaction.
The increased cooling capacity of the eChiller120 opens up many new areas of application in roll cooling, as demonstrated here, at Profol. Profol had many reasons for becoming an early adopter and field test customer for the eChiller120. Besides the clear advantages of using water as a refrigerant, economic aspects such as energy efficiency were also decisive.

Profol technical manager, Valentino Winhart, summarises: “The new eChiller120 with its enhanced cooling capacity lets us use a technology that is as innovative as it is ingenious and that perfectly meets our application needs. In line with our company philosophy, we are turning to a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution in this area to.”

Technical data
Refrigeration capacity (kW) 2 x 80 kW (160 kW)
Target temperature 14 °C
Refrigerant R718 (Water)
Cooling Cooling circuit already available