PBIT Systeme

Green Cooling for a CO2 neutral designed Data Centre in Brandenburg / Germany

Installation of three eChiller45 for a brand new Data Centre with a cooling capacity up to 250 kW.

Project and implementation

In 2021, the new data centre of the PBIT Systeme GmbH & Co. KG was planned with regard to CO2 neutrality and climate justice with new impulses for the economic development of the State of Brandenburg. It was to be a scalable, highly efficient data centre with a maximum cooling capacity of up to 250 kW and the largest possible free cooling mode.
Core requirements were additive cooling from a temperature of 24°C and ensuring an initial cooling capacity of 20%. The realization of the new data centre took place in the very short project time of only 8 months.

Three eChiller45 were installed to provide a stepless, redundant cooling supply from up to 120 kW.


Following the implementation of the eChillers in January 2022 and the hot summer, it was apparent that the partial load operation with the integrated free cooling mode runs highly efficient. With a cooling amount of 57.7 MWh compared to the energy consumption of 2.1 MWh, the eChillers deliver an APN* of 27.8. The eChillers overexceed the energy efficiency requirements of the German eco label Blue Angel (APN >8) by a factor of 3.475.

“The eChiller exceededs all our expectations. We do not only operate a sustainable data centre with clear CO2 savings. Also economy and operational safety wise, the system plays an important supporting role.”

Torsten Schenker, Project Leader of Data Centre Construction,, PBIT Systeme GmbH & Co. KG

Technische Daten
Cooling capacity (kW) 3 x 40 kW (max. 80 kW)
Setpoint temperature 20 °C / 26 °C (Chilled water outlet / inlet)
Refrigerant R718 (Water)
Re-cooling Water/Glycol 40/45 °C