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Reliable Application with Best Performance – A Selection of successfully implemented eChiller projects

eChillers are manufactured and supplied since 2014 and have already proven their outstanding energy efficiency and reliability in many applications. The use of eChillers has significantly reduced customers’ electricity costs compared to state of the art technologies while significantly improving their carbon footprint at the same time.

Independent institutions such as the TÜV Süd or TÜV Nord, universities and manufacturers of refrigeration units have repeatedly confirmed the performance of the eChiller through measurements. We have compiled a selection of job reports and applications for you:

GEDIA Automotive  |  Industry

Machine cooling - laser head cooling at the automotive supplier GEDIA

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British Telecom  |  Cooling of Data Centres

Sustainable cooling of High Density Racks

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SIEMENS AG  |  Industry

Process cooling

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FAMIS GmbH  |  Cooling of Data Centers

Safe and efficient cooling for telecommunications at VSENet

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Brune-Mettcker GmbH  |  Industry

Process Cooling in a Printing Plant

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DLR Weilheim  |  Cooling of Data Centres

Refrigeration technology for maximum operational reliability in data storage

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GARDENA Manufacturing GmbH  |  Industry

Plastics industry extruder cooling at Gardena

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Combitherm GmbH  |  Air Conditioning

CO2-Emission Neutral, Solar Power Driven Air Conditioning with Water as Refrigerant

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Sparkasse Calw  |  Cooling of Data Centres

Cooling that adopts to your Data Centre heat load

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Range of Applications

Whether you are modernizing your industrial cooling process, want to cool your office space or try to increase the profitability of your data centre – eChiller is the highly efficient and environmentally friendly alternative for refrigeration in your company. When you consider the F-Gas Regulation and rising energy costs, choosing the eChiller is a wise decision.