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eChiller120 – Clean cooling system with water as a refrigerant now available with three times the cooling capacity


Efficient Energy GmbH is now offering its next generation of eChillers with 200 percent increase in cooling capacity and a 25 percent efficiency improvement.

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Neue Beiraete Bittner Hein ee Vorschau

Refrigeration industry insider Mario Bittner and tech expert Dr. Sören Hein become new members of the advisory board of Efficient Energy


The manufacturer of sustainable refrigeration technology from Feldkirchen near Munich was able to win Mario Bittner, Managing Director of Konzmann GmbH and Dr. Sören Hein, partner at MIG Verwaltungs AG, for its advisory board.

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Data Center Growth Offers Opportunity for Water-Only Chillers


The COVID-19 pandemic has normalized working from home, and increased data traffic worldwide.

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