Investing in modern refrigeration technology for a climate-friendly future: Mayor Janson visits Efficient Energy

Feldkirchen, 19th of September 2022

As of 2012 Efficient Energy is based in Feldkirchen and we continue expanding. Our intensive search for new warehouse space has made the First Mayor of the municipality, Andreas Janson, curious. On September 7th we welcomed him for a company visit at our Hans-Riedl-Strasse site.

CEO Georg Dietrich introduced us: “We are cooling and heating with the natural refrigerant water. Our technology is clean, safe and economical. With our climate-neutral products, we want to drive the change towards an environmentally friendly refrigeration market and offer future-proof solutions.”

In addition to the question of the existence and development of new commercial areas at the Feldkirchen site, there was also a lively exchange on the following other topics that are currently facing both politics and business:

  • Climate change: at 7%, the share of cooling in global warming is twice as large as that of global air traffic
  • Exploding energy prices: Refrigeration accounts for 17% percent of global power consumption (and rising)
  • Synthetic fluorinated refrigerants (F-gases): Risks in conventional chillers and EU-wide regulation for use of F-gases by 2030 (80% reduction)
  • Shortage of skilled workers
  • Regional suppliers and supply chains

During a subsequent tour of our production, Mayor Janson, originally a civil engineer by profession, showed great fascination in the technology and operation of the various eChillers: “I must say, I am impressed. I wish that Efficient Energy will stay with us at the business location Feldkirchen.”