360° dc-Lounge @AUTOMATIA

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DC Lounge at Siemens AUTOMATIA

Automatia (with the bynames Tyche and Fortuna) is the goddess of fortune / luck who controls everything without human intervention. Very revered in ancient Greece, she is now ubiquitous as the term automation and is also the inspiration of the 360°dcLounge in Switzerland from 04 – 05 March 2020.

Host is Siemens, who invites us to the international headquarters of Smart Infrastructure in Zug, Switzerland. Inaugurated in December 2018, this campus is a showcase of what buildings can do. It contributes to Siemens‘ declared overall goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2030 and also sets new technological standards. Siemens has thus created a place that can adapt to new forms of work.

In this 360°dcLounge, everything revolves around how and with what experience automation can move into data centers and how we can learn from other buildings. Although digitalization has its home in data centers, the automation of data centers is often still in its infancy. I’m sure the spirit of this campus will give new inspiration to all participants.

Look forward to an interactive 360°dcLounge with familiar formats such as dcCAFE, Panel sessions and many creative aspects. Switzerland is also known for its hospitality, let yourself be surprised. The event will be in English.


Theilerstrasse 1a
6300 Zug

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Invitation Code for guests of Efficient Energy: 360dcLounge_2020_Automatia_EE_33