Bluezero® inside - the technology as integrated solution

Bluezero® stands for sustainable innovation in refrigeration as CO2-neutral and emission-free solution in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning technology with a global warming potential of zero (0% GWP) – and a real environmentally friendly and future-oriented alternative to the conventional, environmentally harmful synthetic refrigerants.

The technology takes advantage of the high energy density of water between 10°C – 120°C in the phase change under vacuum conditions. At the core of the eChiller, the unique technology proves that water can be used successfully as a refrigerant.


Bluezero Inside


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Cooling of technical equipment

In this application area the integration of Bluezero® into Air Handling units is already successfully in the market.
With our OEM partner Menerga we developed the Adconair AdiabaticDXcarbonfree.
The result: An innovative electrically driven cooling technology combines the proven Adconair heat recovery system with the sustainable Bluezero technology from Efficient Energy.
No certified refrigeration engineers are required for the maintenance of the refrigeration system, and, last but not least, only very low pressures are required compared to over 70 bar for conventional CO2 refrigeration systems. The indirect adiabatic evaporative cooling integrated in the air handling unit also ensures a largely improved EER value. This means you are on the safest side possible with regard to the F-Gas regulation with the refrigerant water.
This variant also makes use of the existing heat exchanger in the supply air. Thus, no unnecessary pressure loss on the supply air side is generated here either. This electrically driven solution is an ideal addition to a system with photovoltaic electric panels.

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Machine Cooling

In the application area of machine cooling we can cool or after-cool particular elements bin the manufacturing industry in combination with an existing system. Also central cooling of power plants is an option , e.g. wind power plants.

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Process cooling

Also in the application area of process cooling we have ideal conditions and temperature ranges for Bluezero®, e.g. cooling of drinking water or after-cooling of existing systems.

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The groundbreaking technology for sustainable refrigeration

The refrigerantion process with water as a refrigerant (R718) is extremely challenging and complicated - we made it possible! Learn more about the process behind Bluezero®.

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