Bluezero – the technology in the eChiller

Our revolutionary and unrivalled Bluezero technology stands for sustainable innovation in refrigeration engineering. The technology, which uses water as a refrigerant, lets you save up to 80% energy costs – depending on your application – with almost zero CO2 emissions.

Water enters the eChiller evaporator. There, approximately only 1 % of the water evaporates in a vacuum atmosphere, which cools down the remaining water by about 6 K.

The ensuing water vapor is then compressed by the turbo compressors at up to 90,000 rpm to at most one third of its original volume, causing the pressure and temperature to rise.

In the condenser, the heated water vapor condenses directly into the circulating cooling water stream, which it heats up, also by about 6 K. The cycle is closed by a self-regulating expansion device.

Keep cool with water.

A refrigerant that 100 % meets your requirements: water (R718).

This is the world’s cleanest solution for ef cient, future-proof cooling. It’s more than just progress… it’s a technological quantum leap – for you and your company!

The energy saving feature:

Thanks to the modular design of the echiller refrigeration system and the hydronic interconnection of the two modules, only those required to achieve the needed temperature lift go into operation.

Benefit from sustainable cooling with Bluezero

Efficient Energy has been using Bluezero in its eChiller product range for many years now, and the technology is also available for integration into OEM products. You too can benefit from water as a refrigerant by incorporating Bluezero into your own products!

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