Efficient Energy plants 100 trees in Bavaria

On September 24th, 30 representatives of environmentally conscious companies met near Spitzingsee, Bavaria to help our forests. As part of the regional project of ClimatePartner, Georg Dietrich, CEO Efficient Energy and Dominik Bachschneider, Climate Protection Officer of Efficient Energy also participated in the tree planting campaign. Equipped with spades, sturdy shoes and weatherproof clothing, young trees were planted under the expert guidance of a forester.


Why do we plant trees?

Our local forests are also suffering from the effects of climate change. There are more forest fires, pests are spreading and shallow-rooted trees like spruce are suffering especially from the drought and heat. In order to better arm our forests against climate change, reforestation and conversion to mixed forests is taking place as part of the tree planting campaign. Tree species such as the silver fir, which was planted as part of the campaign, survive drought comparatively well and can cope also with higher temperatures. Since regional projects are not suitable for offsetting emissions, additional compensation was made through a certified forest protection project in Brazil.


Efficient Energy plants 100 trees

After receiving instructions on the planting procedure, Georg Dietrich and Dominik Bachschneider were able to start planting the young trees. “I am happy to be able to do something good for this mountain forest today on behalf of the entire Efficient Energy team and I am proud that we are planting resilient trees here together with ClimatePartner” Dominik Bachschneider sums up after his work at the tree planting campaign was done. Together with the other companies, around 370 trees were planted at Spitzingsee on this day in the course of ClimatePartner’s tree planting campaign. The remaining trees, which were donated from the project, will be planted directly by the organisation. “All the companies represented here today have understood that we urgently need to commit to climate protection and take responsibility for our actions,” Georg Dietrich notes. “As a CleanTech company that produces chillers with the climate-neutral refrigerant water, it is particularly important for us to live the idea of sustainability and climate protection in all areas.”

How did this come about?

As a company, Efficient Energy has already been climate neutral since 2020. In addition to offsetting our corporate emissions and implementing measures to reduce our carbon footprint, we also participate in campaigns that raise awareness of the climate crisis in society. This was also the case from 19-25 April 2021 as part of the “Time for Climate Action” campaign of Leaders for Climate Action. Under the motto “Sweat with us for the Climate” Efficient Energy called on employees, customers, suppliers and partner companies to take part in sporting activities for the climate. The kilometres cycled and run were converted into tonnes of CO2 at the end of the campaign week and a climate protection coupling project was supported.