Efficient Energy CEO Georg Dietrich becomes “Leader for Climate Action”

At the beginning of 2019 a group of founders from the Berlin startup scene joined forces establishing the “Leaders for Climate Action” community with the objective to advance their efforts on climate protection on a higher level. They were tired of hoping that politics or technology would solve the climate crisis and are now using their influence and the network to fight climate change. In the meantime, more than 530 Leader for Climate Action from all over Europe have come together as part of this initiative to bring about a change.

The community supports climate protection measures on a personal as well as on a corporate level. Each leader commits to determine his or her personal footprint and to offset it by financing a project to protect the climate.

Leaders for Climate Action: Georg Dietrich from Efficient Energy“Promoting climate protection is not only a personal concern, but also an integral part of our daily business. With our Bluezero technology, using water as refrigerant, we at Efficient Energy contribute to climate-friendly cooling. As a Leader for Climate Action, I am looking forward to helping the initiative bring us one step closer to our common goal: tackle the climate crisis on a global level.” CEO Dietrich, Efficient Energy, comments on his membership as Leader for Climate Action

More information on the initiative “Leaders for Climate Action”: www.lfca.earth/