Efficient Energy among Top 20 Cleantech companies at G20 INNOVATION LEAGUE

Companies addressing the five most acute global challenges presented their revolutionary innovations at G20

Feldkirchen, 10th October 2021
Organized as a special event in the framework of the Italian Presidency of the G20, The G20 Innovation League in Sorrento brought together 100 startups from the G20 countries, over hundred venture capitalists, and big international companies. The Italian presidency was a strong advocator of the project designed to share the vision and contribution of companies that are facing main humankind challenges.
G20 Innovation League

To build a more sustainable future, the contribution of institutions and companies is not enough. New ideas and entrepreneurial projects of startups play a role of primary importance. Five fundamental issues having the most significant impact on the future of the planet have been identified as challenges for the G20 Innovation League : clean technologies (so-called Cleantech), the potential and risks of artificial intelligence (AI), the efficient use of the Internet of things (IoT & Wearables), smart cities (new mobility) and the future of healthcare.

As the German representative in the Cleantech Category, Efficient Energy presented its Bluezero®-technology, using the climate-neutral refrigerant water and thus completely free of F-gases with high global warming potential. In addition, the technology is very energy efficient, making it the perfect cooling solution for data centres, industrial processes, machines and buildings compared to other commercially available chillers. Georg Dietrich, CEO of Efficient Energy, pointed out in his digital pitch, the urgency of a rapid transformation in the refrigeration industry: “The HVAC-industry is guilty for heating up the planet for decades. If we do not change this now, the climate impact from the HVAC industry will triple within the next 30 years, meaning up to 25% of the entire global greenhouse gas emissions. I am glad that we have been given the opportunity to present our solution at an event with such international appeal and importance.”, states Dietrich.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luigi Di Maio, opened and closed the meeting, underlining the importance of international cooperation to face the present challenges and innovatively rethink the future.
Emissionen HVAC industrie