EE makes it to the Top 10 Rubber & Tire Industry Providers

In the newest edition of the European Manufacturing Technology Insights the most promising Rubber and Tire Tech Companies are being presented.

“Clean Technology” is also one of the priorities in the tire tech and rubber industry, one of our target industries to implement sustainable process cooling. Natural Refrigerants are setting the trend and companies’ climate goals together with restrictions on CO2 emissions are causing more and more pressure. Yet, especiall when in comes to tire manufacturing and rubber processing, e.g. extrusion, we need temperatures that can ideally be achieved with water as a refrigerant. With all the great benefits this brings with. A good example is our customer Gardena. Also in the rest of automotive suppliers we can implement the Bluezero Technologie and water as the refrigerant of choice, e.g. at our reference customer GEDIA. Here, we implemented Bluezero and the Chiller at GEDIA, to cool down a laser cutting process.

This award shows that we know well the recent and future challenges companies in the rubber and tire tech industry are coping with. We provide them a sustainable and future-proof cooling solution so that they keep their competitive advantage and can provide outstanding quality products.

Also our newest model, the eChiller120 with up to 120 kW cooling power, is ideal for process cooling in the rubber and tire manufacturing industry. Read more in our Whitepapers or Case Studies.

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