The eChiller model range – refrigeration with no worries regarding refrigerant price increases and costly maintenance demands


Energy-efficient cooling with the safety refrigerant water (R718) – that’s what Efficient Energy GmbH offers with its eChiller model range, the world’s only chillers to date to be manufactured in mass production, and for which the EU F-Gas Directive and refrigerant-relevant safety requirements do not apply. The eChiller model range: the perfect solution to cooling server rooms, industrial processes and buildings.

To find out more about using “Water (R718) as a refrigerant” and the application areas of the eChiller-model range, please visit us on 2018th Chillventa in Hall 7A, Booth 109.

Dr. Jürgen Süß, will be presenting the benefits and possibilities of using the safety refrigerant water (R718) and the eChiller model range at his presentations on:

Monday, 15th October 2018, 14:40–15:10h CET, Chillventa-Kongress, Room Oslo CC-Ost,
Server cooling with adiabatic evaporative cooling and compression chiller for maximum energy efficiency
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Tuesday, 16th October 2018, 13:00–13:20h CET, Hall 9, Stand 9-531
Water (R718) – The natural safety refrigerant
(This event is open to all Chillventa 2018 visitors.)

Future-proof and sustainable – the following short summary outlines the benefits of the eChiller model range and its various areas of application.

Benefits of using the eChiller:

  • The environmental and safety guidelines addressing fluorinated refrigerants do not apply if water (R718) is used as the refrigerant. This reduces the costs associated with complex maintenance and system operation.
  • The eChiller technology always runs in an energetically optimal operating range. This is ensured by the fully adjustable, integrated control system including a free cooling mode. The appliance switches to free cooling mode when the cooling water temperature is slightly below the required chilled water temperature; depending on the application concerned, this can result in annual energy savings of up to 80% compared to state-of-the-art technologies.
  • The eChiller not only fulfils the efficiency requirements of the Energy Related Products Directive EN2016/2281 which took effect in January 2018, but also the more strict requirements which will come into force from 2021.
  • The eChiller model range operates extremely quiet and runs with a minimum of vibrations. Therefore, the system can also be installed outside machine rooms, and it is exempted from operators’ safety-related obligations for chillers under DIN EN 378.
  • Refrigerant costs are limited to filling the system once with 60 litres of pure drinking water; if the system decommissioned, or has to undergo maintenance, the water can be disposed of as regular wastewater, without any restrictions.
  • The eChiller is eligible for BAFA subsidies (in Germany, the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export control [BAFA] subsidises the installation of the eChiller in the framework of the National Climate Initiative).


Server-room cooling, comfort cooling and industrial process cooling


The eChiller is designed for cooling processes with high chilled water flow temperatures. While it cools optimally in the range 16 °C to 22 °C, flow temperatures of between 10 °C and 28 °C are also possible – a spectrum covered only partially by conventional chillers.

Whether you are refurbishing an existing facility or installing a new one, the eChiller model range is ideally suited to cooling servers and power electronics, as well as for industrial process cooling (e.g. injection moulding and extrusion) and comfort cooling (in particular, by means of building component activation and the deployment of chilled ceilings).

Depending on the configuration of the chilled water outlet temperature and compressor, the eChiller is available in various designs with nominal capacities ranging from 20 to 45 kW. And should even greater operating demands exist, refrigeration capacity can be scaled up to over 300 kW by combining multiple systems.

A scalable system with simple Plug ‘n’ Play integration into your legacy system

The eChiller is supplied with interfaces for connecting to a superordinate facility management system and for controlling peripherals such as the cooler, the cooling and chilled water pumps, as well as the cooling-water valve for frost protection.

Besides the chilled water unit, all of the hydronic components needed for the fully integrated system are also available as modules.
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AirChiller – compact refrigeration technology with the safety refrigerant water (R718) and glycol-free cooling

AirChiller – LUMI cooler with eChiller – an air-cooled refrigeration system for outdoor installation offering refrigeration capacity of up to 70 kW.
This product combines the benefits of the Michelbach group’s glycol- and chemical-free LUMI cooler with those of Efficient Energy GmbH’s eChiller model range that operates exclusively with the safety refrigerant Water (R718).
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Efficient Energy GmbH of Feldkirchen near Munich, Germany is the developer, manufacturer and system distributor of the multiple prize-winning eChiller model range.

If you have any questions about the applications and areas of deployment, please visit us at 2018th Chillventa, Hall 7A, Booth 109.
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