Dr. Jürgen Süß leaves Efficient Energy GmbH

Feldkirchen, 10 July 2019

The company’s Shareholders today announced the resignation of Dr. Jürgen Süß as CEO, but that he will continue to accompany EE in an advisory capacity as brand ambassador for “Water as a Refrigerant”. The parties mutually agreed on this beforehand.

Efficient Energy GmbH CFO, Georg Dietrich, will take over as Interim CEO until a successor has been found. “EE is growing much faster than the overall refrigeration market, and we still have a lot of plans in the pipeline – in particular, we want to drive commercialisation with new, more powerful and scalable products, and to tap new application and customer segments in Germany and abroad,” said Georg Dietrich in an initial statement.

“On behalf of all the Shareholders, I would like to extend my warmest thanks to Dr. Süß for his tremendous contribution over the past years,” said Advisory council Chair, Dr. Wolfgang Colberg, about the departure. “Dr. Suß’s outstanding expertise in refrigeration technology made a major contribution towards driving ‘Water as a Refrigerant’ technology and, with his strong personal commitment, he laid the foundations for Efficient Energy’s successful development,” he continued.

Jürgen Süß stressed that he would remain resolutely behind the company and the technology, saying “EE’s unique and motivated team is optimally positioned to maintain the company’s success in the future.”