Daniel Porzig Is New Head of Development at Efficient Energy

Daniel Porzig Succeeds Klaus Gebauer as Head of Development

Feldkirchen, 20 January 2022

The management of R&D at the Bavarian maker of climate-friendly chillers passed from Klaus Gebauer to Daniel Porzig at the turn of the year. While working at Efficient Energy, Klaus Gebauer was entrusted with establishing its series development operations and, with Daniel Porzig, a seasoned tribology expert now takes over from him as Head of Development in the course of the planned generation change.

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Porzig hat die Nachfolge der Entwicklungsleitung von Dr.-Ing. Klaus Gebauer angetreten

Daniel Porzig (right) Succeeds Klaus Gebauer as Head of Development

Daniel Porzig has a degree in mechanical engineering and earned his doctorate at Clausthal University of Technology in the field of high-speed plain bearings for turbomachinery. Prior to joining Efficient Energy in April 2021, he spent over six years in various senior technology development positions at Baker Hughes, a full-service provider of integrated oilfield products. “I wish to use my knowledge and experience to develop technologies that will help us as a society, as well as generations to come, to continue to inhabit a liveable planet,” he comments on his motivation for joining Efficient Energy.

“A challenge I’m really looking forward to.”

With many years’ experience in leading and developing interdisciplinary and multinational teams, Daniel Porzig takes over as head of Efficient Energy’s entire development department and its more than 30-strong team. He is an expert in the fields of turbomachinery, tribology and high-temperature electronics and, at Efficient Energy, now oversees the further technical development of chillers that use water as a climate-neutral refrigerant. “My remit will focus on enhancing the company’s product range as well as diversifying the application area of its Bluezero® technology,” he explains. “After my time as team leader for the R&D of core technologies at Efficient Energy, the step up to overall Head of Development is a challenge that I’m keen to take on. I’m greatly looking forward to progressing the development strategy we’ve jointly taken thus far and enriching it with my own personal experience.”

Daniel Porzig also succeeds Klaus Gebauer as a member of the Executive Board that additionally comprises CEO Georg Dietrich and Thomas Bartmann as Sales Director. “We’d like to thank Klaus for his magnificent work and wish him all the best for his future. We wish Daniel as our new Head of Development every success and a great deal of enjoyment with his new challenge,” adds Georg Dietrich.

Geschäftsleitung Efficient Energy vl Daniel porzig Georg Dierich Thomas Bartmann

Management Efficient Energy (left to right) Daniel Porzig/Head of Development, Georg Dietrich/CEO, Thomas Bartmann/Sales Director