Refrigeration industry insider Mario Bittner and tech expert Dr. Sören Hein become new members of the advisory board of Efficient Energy

Feldkirchen, 12 October 2020. The manufacturer of sustainable refrigeration technology from Feldkirchen near Munich was able to win Mario Bittner, Managing Director of Konzmann GmbH and Dr. Sören Hein, partner at MIG Verwaltungs AG, for its advisory board.

With Dr. Wolfgang Colberg, Michael Motschmann and Prof. Dr. Heinrich von Pierer, Efficient Energy has already had a top-class advisory board with representatives from industry and business. From September 2020 on, Mario Bittner, a refrigeration expert with decades of industry experience contributes to the advisory board.
“Efficient Energy has accomplished pioneering work with its technology that uses water as a refrigerant. Now we need to scale this technology into other products so that customers with requirements for higher cooling capacities can also benefit from clean cooling. Due to the legal situation, there is currently a strongly increasing demand for sustainable refrigeration technology and Efficient Energy has already anticipated this need. I’m looking forward to supporting Efficient Energy leading the revolution of the refrigeration market with their disruptive technology,” said Mario Bittner about his new role as a member of the advisory board at Efficient Energy GmbH.

Neue Beiraete Bittner Hein ee

From left to right: Dr. Sören Hein and Mario Bittner become new members of the advisory board of Efficient Energy GmbH

Likewise, Dr. Sören Hein, partner at MIG Verwaltungs AG, shares his experience from the venture capital market and the strategic management of tech companies as member of the advisory board with Efficient Energy. Being an investor in Efficient Energy, the MIG AG sent with Dr. Hein a representative with profound market experience to the advisory board. Dr. Hein states, “Efficient Energy has been part of the MIG portfolio since 2008, which is why I am very familiar with the corporate strategy and its business areas. I am looking forward to supporting Efficient Energy even more in the future.”

The management of Efficient Energy has been working with an advisory board since 2017. This advisory board is at disposal as conversation and discussion partner whose expertise and experience the management team can rely on. “Efficient Energy is currently in an extremely exciting phase of expanding its product range and thus its market potential. We see ourselves in the role of a sparring partner for the management”, comments the chair of the advisory board Dr. Wolfgang Colberg.

“We are very pleased to welcome Mario Bittner and Dr. Sören Hein as new members of the advisory board at Efficient Energy,” explains Georg Dietrich, CEO of Efficient Energy. “With his industry know-how and a large network that extends far beyond the refrigeration industry, Mr. Bittner will make a valuable contribution to the further expansion of our market position. Since the MIG is a shareholder, Dr. Hein has already worked closely with us for a long time and we are pleased that this collaboration will be strengthened by Dr. Hein becoming a member of the advisory board.”

Mario Bittner

Mario Bittner has been working in the refrigeration industry for more than three decades. He was managing director and CEO at well-known companies such as JAEGGI Hybridtechnologie AG, CARRIER Kältetechnik Deutschland GmbH and GLEN DIMPLEX Thermal Solution. Since May 2019 Mario Bittner has been Managing Director at Konzmann GmbH in Friedrichshafen. Konzmann GmbH is the leading full-line TGA provider in southern Germany for HVAC, refrigeration, air conditioning and electrical engineering.

Dr. Sören Hein

Sören Hein is a Partner at MIG Verwaltungs AG. He was a Partner with Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures for 10 years and a co-founder of Compound Disk Drives, an electric-motor start-up. He worked for eight years with Siemens and Infineon and was CTO of the Wireless Systems division. Sören Hein holds an M.Sc. from DTU in Denmark, a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley and an MBA from INSEAD.