Cooling of switching cabinets and power electronics

Machine and control cabinet cooling

For machine cooling, the eChiller has been used for cooling laser cutting systems, e.g. in sheet metal processing

Switching or control cabinets are omnipresent in the manufacturing sector and in industry, and the rapid spread of digital process monitoring and demand-optimised process control (Industry 4.0) is causing an upsurge in power electronics. The ever-growing number of switch cabinets and increase in removing waste heat from power electronics is also resulting in greater demand for cooling. Industry has many examples of production halls where the exhaust heat from cooling machines is rejected directly into the hall which results in:

  • Large number of chillers with higher energy consumption causing high energy costs
  • Considerable heat load in the hall resulting in high summer workplace temperatures
  • Free cooling is not possible
  • Use of refrigerants regulated by the F-Gas Regulation
  • Higher risk of failure compared to a pure water/air heat exchanger

How to realise cooling with the eChiller?

The eChiller provides the chilled water for cooling of the switching cabinets, while decentralised air/water heat exchangers remove the heat of the switch cabinets. The heat exchangers have a cooling capacity of 350 W to 10 kW, depending on the configuration – which can be increased to as much as 40 kW using modular systems.

The eChiller offers the following benefits for switching cabinet cooling

  • Maintenance of the required temperature in the switching cabinet
  • High availability due to the small number of wear parts in the switching cabinet heat exchanger
  • No heat discharge into the production area
  • Highly efficient thanks to fully adjustable, integrated free cooling
  • F-Gas Regulation does not apply
  • High availability due to modular architecture
  • Cooling capacity easily scaled to accommodate increasing heat loads
  • Predictive service & maintenance
  • Cooling close to production (no machine rooms or monitoring required)

Example of switch cabinet installation

Switch Cabinet Installation