Why Bluezero Data?

Edge computing solutions are decentralized infrastructure and network architecture concepts to expand central cloud solutions by generating and processing data at their origin place. Edge computing is not new, but gains in import- ance in times of Big Data. An essential aspect of Edge Data Center solutions is their enormous energy saving potential. Because the decentralized compact solutions can optimize their processing loads and thus reduce the energy needs.

100% water, 0% direct emissions

The eco-friendly Bluezero Data all-in-one system consists of the Edge Row resp. Edge Rack solution by SCHÄFER IT-Systems and the cooling machine eChiller45 by Efficient Energy, using 100% water as natural refrigerant.

BlueZero Data – the climate-friendly cooling concept

sustainable – powerful – ef cient – future proof

The climate-friendly and energy-saving all-in-one solution meets the requirements of cooling systems according to the „Blue Angel“ certi cation for IT cooling of Data Centers DE- UZ 161 and DE-UZ 214 with the following values:

  • Partial Power Usage Effectiveness (pPUE) 1.12
  • Annual performance factor (JAZ) 8.7
  • Water as a natural refrigerant

The components of Bluezero Data

Edge Rack / Edge Row by SCHÄFER IT- Systems

All-in-one plug-and-play Edge solution with predefined components consisting of racks, cooling, power, monitoring, security and service.

Sample configuration of Edge Row Typ 4:

  • 4 IS-1 server cabinets with up to 7.5 kW per cabinet
  • iQdata SideCooler Enterprise, centred in the Edge Row
  • Up to 155 heights units to integrate the IT components
  • IT security such as access control, early smoke detection and fire extinction in the cabinet system

eChiller45 by Efficient Energy

  • Refrigerant: 100% water
  • Cooling capacity: 35 kW
  • Recooling: dry
  • High part load efficiency due to four operating modes
  • Main/assist control up to 10 machines
  • Integrated free cooling module
  • Control of cooling water and cold water system
  • Energy consumption reporting and remote monitoring
  • Carbon neutral product certified by Climate Partner

That's why Bluezero Data!

Climate friendliness

  • – 100% water as natural refrigerant
  • – 0% direct CO2 emissions
  • – Carbon neutral chiller

Meets the requirements of the certification of „Blue Angel“

Possibility to link the eChiller via „green power“ as contribution to climate-neutral

Energy efficiency

  • – Stepless partial load control
  • – No starting currents
  • – Energy optimized recooling control

Powerful chiller that saves up to 80% of the energy costs compared to conventional cooling systems

Operational safety

  • – Water neither flammable, nor toxic
  • – Low maintenance requirements
  • – Site of installation w/o restriction
  • – Quiet, vibration-free chiller

No risk to persons

Data Center security requirements fulfilled regarding building, air conditioning, efficiency, scalability and fault management


  • – GLow refrigerant costs
  • – Refrigerant availability secured
  • – Amortization < 3 years
  • – Eligible for EU funding programs up to 30% of the investment sum

Low purchase and operating costs thanks to eligibility and
short payback period of machine

Planning and investment certainty

  • – No F-gas regulation, refrigerants with 0% GWP
  • – No DIN EN378, therefore no refrigeration regulations
  • – No safety training necessary

Compliance with the requirements of climate-neutral data centers

Future-proof refrigeration solution

The challenges to operate Data Centers

In addition to the rising energy costs, operators of Data Centers are facing the challenges to plan and retro t climate-friendly and at the same time powerful Data Centers. In addition, they have to correspond to following regulations of environmental and energy ef ciency requirements:

  • EU F-gas regulation: New systems are no longer allowed to use traditional refrigerants due to the phase down path to downsize the use of conventional refrigerants to 20%
    by 2030.
  • General administrative regulation of the federal government of Germany (AVV Klima): From 2022, no multi-split/VRF air conditioners are allowed to procure with more than 10 kW nominal cooling capacity and liquid chillers with a nominal cooling capacity of more than 10 kW using refrigerants with
    GWP ≥ 150
  • Federal government of Germany: From 2027, new Data Centers must be operated as climate-neutral centers. The Federal Environment Agency offers herefore the eco-label „Blue Angel“ certifications for Data center services and energy-
    efficient Data Center operations.

The solution: Edge Data computing with climate-friendly data processing according to the requirements of the „Blue Angel“

BlueZero Data docks on these requirements: a powerful and energy-efficient Edge Data Center all-in-one solution with environmentally friendly and sustainable cooling, which corresponds to the requirements of the „Blue Angel“.

Data producers and their energy demands

Free cooling potential of established concepts

Do you have questions about Bluezero Data?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Bluezero Data or Efficient Energy. If you have any questions about the Edge Row / Edge Rack solutions as part of Bluezero Data, please do not hesitate to contact our business partner SCHÄFER IT-Systems.

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