ACCELERATE Magazine – International Issue

In the november/december issue of the international edition of ACCELERATE Magazine, we are presented with a double-side article about our technology with water (R718) as a refrigerant. The article talks about how this works and why more and more customers are adopting this technology for their process cooling needs.

The ACCELERATE magazine is being issued by Shecco, an international association for the education on natural refrigerants and their promotion in the market.

We have been invited to talk with their Brussels-based journalist Tine Stausholm who was very interested in us as the worldwide only manufacturer of refrigeration equipment in series, using the most natural of all natural refrigerants – water.

This shows that we achieved to play now in the premier league of companies worldwide penetrating the market with alternative cooling solutions using natural refrigerants – needless to sag that we are very proud of that!

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