Refrigeration technology – environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and economical

The Efficient Energy GmbH is among the most innovative providers of environmentally-friendly refrigeration technology. Our highly qualified staff of 50, together with our managing director Dr. Jürgen Süß have succeeded in replacing conventional refrigerants with water (R718). A breakthrough in refrigeration technology that was distinguished with the 2016 German Refrigeration Award.

The result: eChiller – the world’s cleanest and economically most valuable compression refrigeration unit. It is ideal for modernizing your continuous industrial process cooling or making your computing center more profitable.

A breakthrough in refrigeration technology that was distinguished with the 2016 German Refrigeration Award, the Future Thinking Data Center Award 2017 and the Partslife Award 2017.

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An overview of the eChiller advantages

  • Cost-effective Significantly reduced operating costs due to continuous energy savings. No legally mandated maintenance requirement. No notification requirement. Eligible for funding by the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). Water (R718) - economical and highly available
  • Energy-efficient Up to 80 % energy savings. Integrated fully-adjustable free cooling. High chilled water temperatures. No minimum compression ratio. Low start-up current.
  • Environmentally sound Drinking water as a refrigerant (R718). Non toxic. Oil-free. CO2-neutral. F-Gas free
  • Extremely quiet and low-vibration in operation
  • Non-hazardous Maximum operating pressure (MOP) is never exceeded since the process runs in a vacuum up to 100 °C. No legionella formation risk
  • Low-maintenance Neither the EU F-Gas Directive nor any other regulation limiting F-Gases applies. Few wearing parts

More on the efficient energy eChiller

„We think progress and produce the future.“

Holger Sedlak, efficient energy

A major refrigeration technology innovation: Water as a refrigerant

Water as a refrigerant is the ideal solution in every regard. That is why the idea is not new, but the implementation up to a commercially viable product is one-of-a-kind in this application and performance range of 35 kW and up to 80 % energy savings compared with the current state of the art in conventional refrigeration units.

A trailblazing success for the refrigeration industry. eChiller is the perfect answer to the F-Gas Directive, environmental pollution and prognosticated rise in energy costs. Water as a refrigerant meets even the most stringent standards – it fulfills all environmental and safety regulations pertaining to the operation and maintenance of conventional refrigeration systems.

Water as a refrigerant

Sustainable refrigeration technology for your enterprise – rethink your approach, it pays

Cost savings and environmental protection: two goals that you can easily achieve in a single refrigeration solution like eChiller.

Whether you are modernizing your industrial cooling process or trying to increase the profitability of your computing center – eChiller is the highly efficient and environmentally friendly alternative for refrigeration in your company. When you consider the F-Gas Regulation and rising energy costs, it is a wise decision.

The eChiller works by direct evaporation of water in a vacuum-sealed system that is hydraulically decoupled from the cooler and refrigeration point via braze heat exchangers. A clever and environmentally sound process to which none of the environmental and safety relevant provisions for refrigeration technology apply. This is unique in the world of refrigeration.

eChiller can be combined with all standard recooling systems. Furthermore, eChiller is the perfect solution if your application requires a constant cooling capacity throughout the year.


eChiller is ideally suited for dissipating heat from server rooms and computing centers, as well as from continuous industrial processes.

eChiller areas of application

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