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eChiller – Future Proof Refrigeration
Water (R718): The Safe & Natural Refrigerant

The eChiller models are the only chillers worldwide which use the natural safety refrigerant water (R718) as the refrigerant, offer outstanding energy efficiency, and are manufactured in mass production. The eChillers already comply with the F-Gas Directive and any refrigerant-related safety requirements. The eChillers’ cooling capacities range from 20 to 45 kW depending on model, and the individual units can be scaled modularly to up to 300 kW. The refrigeration machines are ideally suited to cooling data centres and server rooms, buildings, switching cabinets and industrial processes.

Industries and Applications:

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Benefits of using the eChiller:

  • The environmental and safety guidelines addressing fluorinated refrigerants do not apply if water (R718) is used as the refrigerant. This reduces the costs associated with complex maintenance and system operation.
  • The eChiller technology always runs in an energetically optimal operating range. This is ensured by the fully adjustable, integrated control system including a free cooling mode. The appliance switches to free cooling mode when the cooling water temperature is slightly below the required chilled water temperature
  • The eChiller fulfils already now the stricter Energy Related Products Directive EN2016/2281 which will come into force from 2021.
  • The eChiller model range operates extremely quiet and runs with a minimum of vibrations. Therefore, the system can also be installed outside machine rooms, and it is exempted from DIN EN 378.
  • Refrigerant costs are limited to filling the system once with 60 litres of pure drinking water; if the system decommissioned, or has to undergo maintenance, the water can be disposed as regular wastewater.
  • The eChiller is eligible for BAFA subsidies in Germany. Equal funding schemes may be applicable in your country.
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eChiller: F-Gas-Free Cooling with Water as a Refrigerant (R718)

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